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If It’s For My Daughter, I’d Even Defeat a Demon Lord Episode #02 Anime Review

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“The Little Girl Begins Her New Life.”
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“The Little Girl Begins Her New Life.”

What They Say:
Dale is a well-known and highly skilled adventurer despite being so young. One day he’s on a quest deep in the woods and finds a little devil girl named Latina, who us just skin and bones. Latina is branded with the mark of a sinner, but Dale decides he can’t just leave Latina there and decides to become her guardian. Thinking to himself “Latina is too cute, I don’t want to work,” he ends up doting over her before he even realizes it.

Content (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers):
It has been a whole day since Dale decided he will adopt Latina and he still cannot adjust his life to suit her needs nor he cannot fathom how much his life will change with a new daughter to take care of without worrying. While the adventure knows he must confirm with his client completion of the job when he found the young girl, there is no way Reki can bring a piece of the monster since their smell was so overwhelming, thus the only option would be to bring his employer to the battle site. But therein lies the problem: Dale knows with his job he must be gone for extended periods of time and if he cannot adapt to these situations he cannot be a dependable parent to Latina – unless he neglects all work and only dotes on her. However as Rita constantly reminds her friend they can take care of the girl while he is gone Dale has no choice than to go on his first trip without her, made all the more painful as the pair wave to him as she says goodbye with the cutest little lisp.

Although Latina is uncertain what to do without Dale around to reassure her, the smart little girl quickly picks up on the routine of the pub watching Kenneth wait tables and fill orders to his rowdy patrons. While the boisterous men may seem rough around the edges, even they know a good thing when they see it and cannot but behave themselves as they watch her hesitantly copy her mentor, taking finished plates off tables and unsteadily return them to the counter; it is not long before she also learns how to help in the kitchen and her father is supremely amazed by the mashed potatoes she helped make which he greedily eats on his return. As a week passes and the tavern’s little mascot quickly becomes an adorable centerpiece of the place, her vocabulary has also expanded due to father and daughter learning through picture books before bedtime and she is soon able to express herself, even if she stumbles sometimes. However when Kenneth sees they are out of potatoes and tells his wife he’s going out to get more, Latina volunteers to go with him and yet Dale cannot but hesitate to allow this excursion – until he sees her pleading face cancel any doubt. But as the giant man and small girl walk down the street she is soon distracted by a street performer and wanders off … forcing Reki to go into full panic mode when he does not know what to do in this situation.

In Summary:
As you watch the adventures of Dale and Latina you cannot but conjure images of the most kawaii character you know and amplify the effect multiple times, especially when the little girl experiences for the first time new situations, tastes or experiences which tug upon your deepest heartstrings with those sparkling eyes. While some of these circumstances are clichéd due to the same situations triggering similar reactions, to be able to watch Latina’s responses to these moments are much more tender due to her isolation and the danger of being exposed as a banished demon. You cannot but smile or shed a tear everytime she makes an appearance, watching Latina expose herself to this new world without hesitation or fear and only wishing to fill her heart with new memories, knowing at anytime Dale may be taken away and she will be lonely again.

Grade: A-

Streamed By: Crunchyroll

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