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Descendent #3 Review

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Deeper down the rabbit hole.

Deeper down the rabbit hole.

Creative Staff:
Story: Stephanie Phillips
Art: Evgeniy Bornyakov
Colors: Lauren Affe
Letterer: Troy Peteri

What They Say:
What do the Salem witch trials and a missing Senator’s son have in common?

The third installment of DESCENDENT from Stephanie Phillips (Devil Within, Kicking Ice) and Evgeniy Bornyakov (Meteora, Ziggy) investigates the missing link between a mysterious cult and disappearing children. But, as David gets closer to finding out the truth, the cult gets closer to David. Oh, and someone dies. #sorrynotsorry

Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers):
As Descendent moves along, it’s definitely curious to see how it handles itself when it comes to the kinds of mysteries and conspiracy theories it wants to play with. Especially since its leading character of David is generally quite the believer in them. Stephanie Phillips is still threading the needle on it pretty well as it doesn’t quite come across as a crackpot but that’s partially because we’ve seen what kinds of things have happened so far. The book continues to look good with what Bornyakov brings to it as I like the look of his characters and the settings in general, though a lot of them tend to be a bit more minimalist than I prefer. The end result is that the quality of the book is still nicely maintained and it’s moving along well.

With this issue, things turn into a bit of a history lesson thanks to John having broken David out of the FBI and “secured” him in his own house. John does plenty of stupid things that someone from the FBI shouldn’t do, such as leaving the curtains open, standing in broad daylight, and both of them surprised by the appearance of a red dot on John’s chest. That said, he does provide David with some info and a few secrets about the organization, talking about the origination of it during the Salem Witch Trials in how the symbol came to be and some of the depth of it over the years, notably with the Lindbergh baby, how Lindbergh was a member, and the kind of purity that they’re looking for. It leaves a lot of questions open, to be sure, but at least it feels like we’ve got a mild timeline to work with.

What I do like is seeing how David manages to get away for a little bit thanks to John but gets caught up in the book that he brought along that explains a lot of things. It’s not for us to see much of it just yet but it provides the answers, or at least the path, that he wants to go forward with. Hernandez isn’t quite keen to see him so pliant, not is she ready for him to try and make a deal that they work together for a bit since so many things don’t add up in how he managed to escape. But her wariness about her own organization makes her a bit more open to his ideas, even as ridiculous as she knows they sound, but she’s curious enough to see just what he can come up with because of those uncertainties that do exist in it all. It’s an amusing pairing and the kind of situation that only exists in fiction in that she’d abscond her duty and go on the run with him for a day.

In Summary:
I continue to enjoy Descendent but am in that spot where I’m waiting for it to click into something more, an aha moment that reveals a richer storyline underneath. I do like that it goes back to the Salem Witch Trials here and plays in that area for a bit, setting the stage for a pretty American kind of cult thing that has some history to it. Phillips has fun with the characters here even if some of them act pretty badly while the artwork from Bornyakov fits perfectly and has a good look about it. I’m loving the covers and am curious to see what’s next for those involved here in this story.

Grade: B

Age Rating: 15+
Released By: AfterShock Comix
Release Date: July 3rd, 2019
MSRP: $3.99

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