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Justice League #2 Review

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New discoveries, new terrors.

New discoveries, new terrors.

Creative Staff:
Story: Scott Snyder
Art: Jorge Jimenez
Colors: Alejandro Sanchez
Letterer: Tom Napolitano

What They Say:
“THE TOTALITY” part two! The League faced an impossible decision…and now they must face the consequences! While Martian Manhunter and Batman attempt to recruit an old ally back into the fold, The Flash and Hawkgirl are blindsided by new challenges that could rewrite their mythologies!

Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers):
With a pretty good start behind it, the Justice League series moves forward in trying to understand the Totality and what it represents while trying to draw together enough of a team to do it right. Scott Snyder works on some interesting expansions here, though they’re ones that leave you a little wary after so much that was done like it before, but offers up a lot of neat ideas along the way. This issue brings in Jorge Jimenez for the artwork and it has a strong look throughout it even as it shifts to so many different locations while keeping it all consistent and believable. There isn’t a lot of action going on here but we get some decent stuff and the book as a whole feels like it’s priming up full of energy.

The book runs with some solid storylines to work with, such as a secondary story involving Lex blowing up a group of Legionnaires that this father use to hang around with as part of his severing of the past program. What he’s really doing is drawing the Legion of Doom together again with some tantalizing aspects that will secure their help, leading them on about finding seven hidden things that will help them take control of, well, everything. It’s a bit loose and Lex plays it just so but there are interesting moments here. Similarly, we get that with John Stewart as he’s dealing with his own issues after the events on Xanshi and all the deaths he feels responsible for there. That ties into what the League is doing as they are trying to get him to come back to help – using Swamp Thing most creatively – but the reality is that Stewart is part of something bigger as Sinestro has dealt with what’s on the other side of the Source Wall with an undiscovered spectrum that gives him a whole new reason to exist.

After having so many spectrums revealed before, which I like, adding another one makes me a bit uneasy. And then throwing John into it as the first recruit under Sinestro? John’s had it rough, like all the Lanterns have, but you keep wishing he’d catch a break. Beyond that, the book works through some fun action Earthside with Killer Croc having gone into the Totality and come out like a monster. There are some fun bits that come with this, including Wally feeling like things are not going well with the Speed Force based on everything that’s going on, which is why it’s not a surprise he’s not going in there. The mission that’s put together is minimal but I really liked that it felt like something out of the Arrival film and was leaning more on practical safety and pragmatism as opposed to just busting right into it. Of course, we get the weirdness mixed in that comes from it being a Justice League title and it goes a little silly with Luthor being involved, but part of me says that this is simply what a League book must do. Go big or lose sales.

In Summary:
Justice League is a pretty packed book here with what it does and it’s effective. It’s not a quick read where you feel like you didn’t get your money’s worth and there’s lots of re-read value in to pick up on clues and just admire the great artwork. I like the look of the book this time around and the character interpretations but I’m not exactly thrilled by the Ultraviolet Lanterns nor the whole Fantastic Journey aspect and what that could portend since it mostly just comes across as goofy in a bad way. But it has potential, I’ll admit, and I’m curious to see what it’ll do with it.

Grade: B+

Age Rating: 13+
Released By: DC Comics via DC Universe
Release Date: June 20th, 2018
MSRP: $3.99

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