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Senryu Girl Episode #12 Anime Review

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“Nanako and Eiji”

“Nanako and Eiji”

What They Say:
the pair met by chance / and their lives changed forever / thanks to senryu

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
I won’t say that Senryu Girl was a challenge as it clearly wasn’t but it was a show that I don’t think they really managed the gimmick well enough in a way to make it worthwhile. Nanako comes across more as just a quiet kid who gets a bit out by writing but even that’s not all that much when added up. The result is a show that has an interesting idea but wasn’t able to exploit in animated form. I suspect it works better in its original manga form, though. That said, it still proved to be cute enough because our two leads, Nanako and Eiji, are pretty cute and watching the little dance that they engage in toward becoming a couple hits the right sweet spots. It doesn’t overdo or complicates things in a way that makes it harder to get into, similar to the Ao-chan Can’t Study series this season where it wasn’t filled with an overactive supporting cast either.

With it having been a while since the start of the series and Eiji’s time joining the club, he’s really come to enjoy senryu itself and has found something quite pleasing about it. With this episode, we get a story told where we see how the two had originally met though Eiji didn’t quite remember it. It wasn’t through school but he was aware of her to some degree and met her at a night class kind of thing. With it shifted to the Christmas season to tell its tale, we get a lot of fun enthusiasm out of Eiji that fits his age compared to all the grays that are there, which delights Nanako to the surprise of everyone else. It’s fun watching how their paths worked toward each other so that they’d meet at school again and to understand the things they did in that time before they connected there. It does play up that whole fated aspect to it which may rankle some but it works well for this kind of show and its light approach.

In Summary:
While it plays a little frantic if predictable at the end so that it all comes full circle to the beginning of the series, Senryu Girl has a pretty good ending here. I’d have liked a bit more showing them moving forward but at the same time expanding on their meeting and why it felt destined hits a sweet spot as well because these two are just that, sweet. I’ve certainly had a few issues with the series over its run and I don’t think it utilized its senryu aspect in a strong enough way to really set it apart but in the end its a charming little show. This finale works well for me since it also keeps all the add-on supporting cast out of the picture and sticks to the romantically involved leads.

Grade: B

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