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Goblin Slayer Vol. #06 Light Novel Review

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He Does Not Let Anyone Roll the Dice

He Does Not Let Anyone Roll the Dice

Creative Staff
Story: Kumo Kagyu
Art: Noboru Kannatuki
Translation: Kevin Steinbach

What they say
Spring has arrived, and a new crop of would-be adventurers has turned up at the Guild along with it. Among the newcomers is a haughty young wizard boy whose desire to hunt only goblins has Guild Girl slightly concerned. Meanwhile, there’s a new adventurer-training facility being built not far from the frontier town, and Goblin Slayer happens to know the village that used to stand on that spot…

The part finds itself teaming up with the wizard boy and heading to an old mausoleum to deal with some goblins—but it looks like this brazen new adventurer might just be more trouble than he’s worth.

Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers):
Goblin Slayer volume 6 might contain some of the darkest themes this series has had to date—or rather, it hammers the dark themes that have been prevalent throughout the series home. It’s pretty difficult reading about how badly goblins want to rape the women in this series. Whenever the POV changes to a goblin’s, it always talks about how it’s going to kill the men, then take the woman, rape them until they can’t bear anymore children, and then eat them. While disgusting, I know it’s to show how brutally evil goblins are. That said, part of me wishes it was mentioned less often.

The series begins with Goblin Slayer checking out a nearby area that’s going to be used to build a training facility for new adventurers. I actually rather like this idea. Most fantasy light novels with an “Adventurers Guild” is merely a transparent and poorly crafted idea that relies on a reader’s previous knowledge of guilds from games like Dragon Quest. They don’t explore the concept of a guild very thoroughly. I feel like Goblin Slayer is taking the concept of a guild and giving it more depth by having the guild attempt to create a facility to help train new adventurers so they don’t die in the field—well, so they don’t die as often.

However, there is something about this area being used that bothers Goblin Slayer. Namely, the area being turned into a training facility used to be his home. This was the place where he grew up, where he and Cow Girl played together, where his sister lived, and where the goblins raped and murdered her. It holds a lot of memories, both good and bad, and Goblin Slayer is feeling conflicted about having this placed turned into a training facility.

I like volume 6 because Goblin Slayer is forced to confront parts of his past, parts that he never wanted to see again, that he did his best to ignore. The new training facility is making him remember his life before he became Goblin Slayer. This volume also shows how much he had grown from the surely and silent goblin slaying man he used to be. The Goblin Slayer from volume 1 would have never gone out drinking with Spearman and Heavy Warrior. He would have never tried to train Wizard Boy. But he did. While he still isn’t good at expressing himself, I like that Goblin Slayer is changing, slowly but surely.

Along with Goblin Slayer’s change and some revelations about his past, this volume also introduces a new character—and a blast from Priestess’s past. In volume 1, Priestess went on her first adventure with a group of newbie adventurers. They were ambushed by goblins, her party brutally killed, and one of the women raped. During that unfortunate moment, the wizard of their group was stabbed with a poisoned blade. Goblin Slayer was the one who put her out of her misery. Now Wizard Boy, that wizard’s younger brother, has come to the frontier town in order to kill goblins—and he is causing trouble.

Priestess needs experience leading a party to be promoted to Steel rank, the eighth rank in the guild’s ranking system, but Wizard Boy joins the party on this adventure, and poor Priestess is unable to handle him. The boy doesn’t listen to her advice, flies off the handle at everything she says, and ends up leading their party into a trap. The results are they almost die and Goblin Slayer has to take over. This gives Priestess a massive hit to her already flagging confidence. She’s never been the most steady of adventurers, opting to follow Goblin Slayer’s lead, and now she’s wondering if she’ll ever have what it takes to rank up.

While there are a lot of personal issues that Priestess and Goblin Slayer have to deal with, there are even more problems outside of their own. The training facility is attacked by goblins during its construction. Many people are killed, both construction workers and adventurers alike. During this time, Priestess has to show her mettle and lead the young rookies away from the attack, while Goblin Slayer and the more experienced warriors deal with the goblins.

In Summary
If there is one thing I like about this series, it is that the characters aren’t stagnant. They don’t remain the character they were at the beginning. Even though Goblin Slayer is still quiet and hard to talk with, you can tell how much he changes throughout this series based on how differently he acts now from volume 1. Priestess is also growing stronger as a person. It has often been said that our experiences in life define who we are, and if that is the case, Goblin Slayer and Priestess are becoming stronger and better people thanks to their experiences.

Content Grade: A
Art Grade: A+
Packaging Grade: A
Text/Translation Grade: A

Age Rating: 16+
Released By: Yen On
Release Date: January 22, 2019
MSRP: $14.00

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