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First Formal ‘Hyperdimension Neptunia’ OVA Promo Debuts

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It’s been a few years since the Hyperdimension Neptunia TV series came out and it’s pretty much been a quiet property in terms of anime since. We learned back in April that a new OVA is in production for it under the subheading of Nep’s Summer Vacation, which certainly raises all kinds of possibilities. It looks like the same team is returning to produce the OVA but at studio Okuru to Noboru. Frontier Works has now brought out a nearly 2 1/2 minute promotional video for it now that shows off the designs and intent of the OVA.

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FUNimation previously streamed the series that was produced by David Production and ties in with the videogames of the same name, some of which NIS America is releasing. The series was directed by Masahiro Mukai based on scripts by Shogo Yasukawa and character designs by Hitomi Takechi.

Plot Concept: Welcome to Gamindustri, a fantastical world where all your favorite video game consoles come to life! Neptune and her fellow Goddesses rule the four kingdoms of Lastation, Leanbox, Lowee, and Planeptune – but their royal duties often take a backseat to their obsession with gaming. When their button-mashing shenanigans are interrupted by rampaging monsters, hacker attacks, and killer eggplants, the goddesses must transform into stronger, sexier versions of themselves and fight for their right to game! The bosses get tougher as the game goes on, and the girls will have to work together in order to defeat a bewitching goddess of piracy, an anonymous master hacker, and an evil CPU hell-bent on destroying everything in her path – using any cheat code necessary!

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