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Overlord Vol. #10 Manga Review

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Sebas takes on the largest crime syndicate in the land. Will his human allies help or only hinder his efforts?

Sebas takes on the largest crime syndicate in the land. Will his human allies help or only hinder his efforts?

Creative Staff
Original Story: Kugane Maruyama
Art: Hugin Miyama
Character Design: so-bin
Translation: Emily Balistrieri

What They Say
A boy who struggles to grow strong enough to serve the sun in his life. A broken man who must find another reason to go on living. A servant who must choose between his duty and his sense of justice.

The paths of these three will cross and change all of their fates forever…

Content: (please note that content portions of this review contains spoilers):
The Eight Fingers crime syndicate has sniffed out Sebas and his attack on their slave prostitution ring. Normally, Sebas could just waltz in and kill every criminal that looks at him sideways. However, Eight Fingers didn’t get as powerful as they are without sucking in various officials and nobles to do their bidding when necessary. Thus, when an official shows up with one of the Eight Finger’s to demand retribution from Sebas, things get complicated. Sebas is just supposed to be the butler, so the criminals demand retribution for his interference or they will cause problems for his master.

This greatly complicates things for Sebas and Solution. While Solution pretends to be the Lady of the house, she is really just a figurehead for Sebas so he can walk around the humans without being noticed. The problem is they have set themselves up as visiting noble and her butler in hopes of spying on those in the city. If Eight Finger’s causes to much trouble, it will force Sebas and Solution to retreat to Nazarick. Thus failing Momonga and likely falling out of regard for him and despised by the other denizens of Nazarick.

Sebas decides to walk around the city while he thinks of a plan of action. This manages to bring multiple lines colliding together as he stumbles across assassins from Eight Fingers, a young knight named Climb who is the personal guard for the princess, and Brain the legendary swordsman who had his will shattered after an encounter with Shalltear. These three make an incredibly unlikely trio, but it might just work out for all involved. While Sebas doesn’t really need anyone’s help, it wouldn’t hurt to ingratiate himself with someone like Climb, who has direct access to the princess. Then if Brain can overcome his shellshock from losing to Shalltear, he could be of some help given his status as the second strongest swordsman in the land.

Will these three manage to deal a blow to Eight Fingers together? Or will Climb only managed to get himself killed and implicate Sebas in more problems?

In Summary
Sebas is doing a terrible job of keeping a low profile and collecting intel around the city. Not only has he gained the ire of the Eight Fingers crime syndicate, but he keeps bringing attention to himself. After he rescues a kid getting his butt kicked in the street, plenty of bystanders notice. One of them being the personal bodyguard for the princess. This young knight is so impressed with Sebas’ fighting prowess that he begs to learn how to fight like Sebas. The smart thing would be to refuse and try to get the Eight Fingers attacks to blow over. But Sebas only gets himself mired in more problems by accepting the tutelage of the young knight. I can’t wait to see how Momonga reacts to all this when he finally learns what has been going on.

Content Grade: B-
Art Grade: B+
Packaging Grade: A
Text/Translation Grade: A

Age Rating: Older Teen
Released By: Yen Press
Release Date: May 21, 2019
MSRP: $13.00

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