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Toonami Anime Ratings Largely Hold Steady as ‘Lupin’ Part 5 Premieres

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The latest ratings have come in for this past Saturday night with how the Toonami anime block was performing on Cartoon Network. After several weeks of things going down, last week saw a good push upward again, which lags a bit this week. Our canary in the coal mine is always Dragon Ball Super and this week saw it dropping by about 20,000 viewers, which is statistically even with trends, so it’s not a bad position to be in – though far short of the nearly million regular viewers it had for a long time.

Attack on Titan saw a drop by about 30,000 viewers while Te Promised Neverland was about the same. Sword Art Online: Alicization had the biggest drop of the new shows of just about 50,000 while Boruto was about 35,000 viewers.

New to the lineup was the 1:00 am showing of Lupin the 3rd: Part 5, which landed at 236,000 viewers for a 0.12 share rating. We’ll be curious to see how this one shakes out as time goes on.


10:30 My Hero Academia (r) 507 0.25 326
11:00 Dragon Ball Super 610 0.31 405
11:30 Attack on Titan 386 0.20 255
12:00a The Promised Neverland 329 0.16 208
12:30a Sword Art Online: Alicization 327 0.17 225
1:00a Lupin the 3rd: Part 5 (p) 236 0.12 158
1:30a Black Clover (r) 244 0.13 162
2:00a Boruto: Naruto Next Generations 242 0.12 154
2:30a Naruto: Shippuden (r) 237 0.12 151
3:00a Hunter X Hunter (r) 243 0.13 165
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