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The Weekly TV Discussion Post For June 16th, 2019

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The binge monster got me again. 

The binge monster got me again.

Taking a recommendation from my mother, who watches way too much of the same stuff I do, she recommended the Bravo series The Imposters as both seasons are on Netflix. The show was canceled after its second season last year so it was an easy pickup knowing that it’s two and done. What got me was that while an ensemble series, it had two big things going for it. One was that Inbar Levi was ostensibly the lead and I had just come to love her performance in Lucifer as Eve. The other was that it dug deep into my 90s comedy side as Dream On star Brian Benben was in it. There’s a strong supporting cast that even includes Uma Thurman as Lenny Cohen. It’s all about the heists and misdirection and it employs it beautifully. There’s this smoothness that helps the fact that it goes a couple of steps beyond believability work and I ended up binging the twenty episodes over the week and just adored the hell out of it. I do think it ends well enough to be complete but with what could have been a really neat way forward.

Sadly, I’ve been lamenting the arrival of the third season of Jessica Jones because it’s the end of the run for the Marvel/Netflix deal. While I had issues with the all of the series in terms of pacing, connectivity to the mainline MCU, and just a sense that they really didn’t know how to make this work in the big picture of things, they were all enjoyable – even Iron Fist and especially in its second season. But it was Jessica Jones that captivated in its first season with Tennant and what Ritter put in. This season I’m only a couple of episodes in but it’s strongest with Trish so far and I love that they even gave us, for a moment, a real Hellcat costume. I’m said to see all of it go but hopeful that how Disney is proceeding from here on their service will work better.

Another show I enjoyed ended this past week with the last two episodes of A.P. Bio coming out. I never felt it was a great show but it made me laugh and was quirky enough that it was unlike most other shows out there, and that helped to make it quite worth watching. I don’t think they had the right balance of students versus adults but there were so many great characters in it that I never felt like I got enough of anything them.

It’s been mostly quiet beyond that as the kids and I caught up on some movies or I’ve been gaming a bit. I did burn through about half a dozen Parts Unknown episodes and I really have to recommend watching the entirety of the Antarctic episode as it’s just fascinating and hauntingly beautiful.

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