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The Weekly Movies Discussion Post For June 16th, 2019

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Forgive me, movie fans, for I have sinned.

I enjoy Adam Sandler films. Not all of them but I’m usually more than willing to watch one because it tickles a particular bit of my brain that reminds me of a class of 80s and 90s movies and their sensibilities. Things that have not aged well but to which I have some nostalgia for. I enjoyed seeing things like Big Daddy in the theater ages ago among many others. I also like when he does more serious things like his work with PTA or Spanglish. But his Netflix deal means I get a regular dose of something from him and his group of friends having low-stakes fun and silliness. Such is the case with Murder Mystery, which landed last Friday on Netflix. I opened the app and boom, there it was. I was going in to watch Jessica Jones but then this showed up and I couldn’t help but watch.

Depending on your view of his works and the kind of Netflix output he has, it’s the kind of film that’s not great. He’s practically phoning it in. The heaviest lifting was trying to deal with that mustache that just does. not. work. Aniston is game for something low and simple – it’s no We’re the Millers or anything – but she’s having fun and it’s good bit of fluff. We know both are capable of a whole lot more. But these films are just friends hanging out having fun and role-playing. And I continue to be strangely down for it.

This week had me introducing another anime feature film to a young viewer. After she got hooked on Nausicaa on the big screen, I shifted gears for Lupin the 3rd: Castle of Cagliostro in its Streamline dubbed form. It went over well, making me pleased, but also just delighted me in offering something that makes me smile practically the whole time it’s running. I can’t help but to adore this film.

On the backlist side, things were kept simple as I took in another viewing in the background for Batman: Gotham by Gaslight and loved Selina even more and I also finally rewatched James and the Giant Peach. It’s such a mixed bag for so many but I have just such a love for its absolute weirdness.

There wasn’t anything out to motivate me into the theater that I can’t wait a few months for at home and this coming week isn’t offering much either. I can’t bring myself to go see Toy Stor 4 as the third film felt like the natural end point. So all I’m waiting for is the Spider-Man: Far from Home release and hopefully something on the cheap on iTunes for pickup as well.

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