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The Weekly Movies Discussion Post For June 9th, 2019

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I didn't get far into our "tsundoku" movie pile this past week but we at least nailed down one more.

While my daughter and I didn’t get far into our “tsundoku” movie pile this past week we at least nailed down one more. After taking in the 50s version of Invasion of the Body Snatchers a few weeks ago we delved into “my” version with the 1978 film. This thing chilled me when I first saw it in the early 80s on home video even though I knew the basics having seen the original one first a few years prior. This one felt a little more accessible with better storytelling, comparatively speaking, and a greater sense of dread about it. And a killer ending. I do love how the four films made on the concept represent different eras and their fears well and am looking forward to getting into the next two again.

I spent some time going through older stuff in my collection that had been pulled up which was amusing. I Know What You Did Last Summer is pretty basic but I liked seeng young Johnny Galecki as well as everyone else in this. I also took a weird turn back to 1977 with Jabberwocky, which is still a film that doesn’t work for me but has some interesting moments. More modern stuff factored in as well as I took another spin through the very fun Solo as well as the delight that is Shaun of the Dead.

On the Marvel Rewatch side, where I find myself loading up various films from time to time to run in the background for just enjoyment, this week saw just two of them. I continue to find Spider-Man: Homecoming and utterly charming movie and adore Michael Keaton for taking on a role as he does here. It just works spectacularly well. I haven’t background watched Avengers: Infinity War too often but had that running this week and enjoyed digging into that again at different points.

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