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Elizabeth Hurley Boards Third ‘Runaways’ Season

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RuynawaysPeak TV continues as the second season of The Runaways hit Hulu from Marvel at the end of 2018 and I still haven’t had a chance to see it. The third season is already announced and is expected for a similar return later this year but some new casting has landed for the Marvel TV property. Elizabeth Hurley has joined the series in the role of Morgan Le Fey, bringing a new layer of magic to the show. The character has been part of Marvel since it was known as Atlas Comics back in 1995 and has had many an appearance in the decades since.

She’s described as “Morgan le Fay is an iconic Marvel villain. A student of Merlin, she is considered the greatest sorceress of all time. With a black crow as her familiar and the ability to enchant objects, manipulate mystic energy and astral project, she is powerful and intelligent with a cutthroat wit.”

The cast includes Rhenzy Feliz as Alex Wilder, Lyrica Okano as Nico Minoru, Virginia Gardner as Karolina Dean, Ariela Barer as Gert Yorkes, Gregg Sulkin as Chase Stein, Allegra Acosta as Molly Hernandez, Ryan Sands as Geoffrey Wilder, Angel Parker as Catherine Wilder, Brittany Ishibashi as Tina Minoru, James Yaegashi as Robert Minoru, Brigid Brannagh as Stacey Yorkes, Annie Wersching as Leslie Dean, Kip Pardue as Frank Dean, James Marsters as Victor Stein, and Ever Carradine as Janet Stein.

Based on the comic created by the award-winning team of Brian K. Vaughan and Adrian Alphona, it works the story of kids who discover that their parents are part of an evil criminal organization. A film was previously in early stages of development but never progressed forward that much.

The series has a solid staffing being put together to develop it as it’s Executive Produced by series Co-Showrunners/writers Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage (“THE O.C.”, “GOSSIP GIRL”) along with Marvel’s Head of Television, Jeph Loeb (“Marvel’s Jessica Jones,” “Marvel’s Luke Cage”) and Jim Chory (“Marvel’s Daredevil,” “Marvel’s Jessica Jones.”) Fake Empire’s Lisa Rowinski will produce as well. Marvel’s Runaways is a co-production with ABC Signature Studios.=

Plot concept: Every teenager thinks their parents are evil. What if you found out they actually were? MARVEL’S RUNAWAYS is the story of six diverse teenagers who can barely stand each other but who must unite against a common foe – their parents.

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