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Descendent #2 Review

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Trust no one.

Trust no one.

Creative Staff:
Story: Stephanie Phillips
Art: Evgeniy Bornyakov
Colors: Lauren Affe
Letterer: Troy Peteri

What They Say:
Missing kids, a mysterious cult, and one very angry ex-wife—seems like a typical Tuesday for conspiracy theorist David Corey. While David appears crazy to most, he might just be the only chance the FBI have of finding the missing kids and solving a centuries-old mystery. Will FBI agent Joanna Hernandez learn to trust David before it’s too late?

Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers):
The opening installment of Descendent was interesting but it was the promise of what it could be combined with the artwork that drew me back. And, admittedly, those covers. There’s something magical about them that makes me want to see what’s inside if it can live up to the promise of what’s there. Stephanie Phillips put some interesting ideas into motion with the first installment and we continue to see how driven David is in this issue. Bornyakov maintains the same quality of artwork as the first installment and that’s a good thing with a solid look to the characters and tantalizing potential with what weirdness can still yet come.

David’s getting himself into more and more trouble as the search is underway with the kidnappings having happened and the hours going by. There’s tension considering their status and every hour without finding them makes it worse. Which is why you see Joanna and her FBI associate staking out a cemetery in the middle of the night. While they don’t get the clues or leads that they’re looking for, coming across David there – who runs from them, no less – serves as a means to put him in a cell for a while and figure out if he’s truly involved or just a nut. He does get some assistance from his legal lady as we saw before, but this is a different situation. Joanna isn’t letting him out of her grip in the slightest and she’s keeping him locked up until it’s fully proven he has nothing to do with the kidnappings.

The mystery organization, however, is seeing David as a threat. While they don’t believe he truly knows anything, he’s got enough clues that he could start discovering more or putting more out there that will draw better people to figuring them out. That has a kill order being put in to eliminate him, especially after they see some of his bigger declarations and ties to the past that make them wary. It does say a lot that they attempt to kill him while David’s in an FBI cell and that’s not lost here. Of course, they do have people on the inside and by all appearances, they’re pretty well embedded by how we see the fight and its fallout unfold. Part of me wonders if it’s a feint, however, as opposed to something as obvious as it seems. But that makes it fun to watch as you can’t be quite sure who knows what and the reality of their position.

In Summary:
Descendent continues to show some of the interesting ideas that got me into the book when it began but not with a big enough hook to really sink into me just yet. I like what Phillips is doing with the story and the potential of it all. I also really like Bornyakov’s artwork as it fits the title well and the design for David definitely will leave you unsure of the man. With the initial hook being what’s still working, I do think it needed something more than the jailbreak attempt this time to really firm it up since that only added more questions than any answers. More questions are fine but they aren’t the big questions just yet. Definitely worth keeping up on for the conspiracy-minded to see what’ll be exploited and where it’ll go.

Grade: B

Age Rating: 15+
Released By: AfterShock Comix
Release Date: June 5th, 2019
MSRP: $3.99

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