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The Weekly TV Discussion Post For May 12th, 2019

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It's a crazy busy week of new stuff to soak up!

As the season winds down with a slew of shows going through their finales, we also get a new round of shows rolling out their premieres. Every time I think I’ve got a chance at a little quiet time a new round of shows hit!

What complicated things for me was the arrival this past week of the third and final season of Easy on Netflix. I loved the first two seasons of this anthology series focused on relationships across a range of people in Chicago. It loops around with all of them again and we see how things have grown and changed or simply fallen apart and it’s really engaging – if you like this kind of material. I do, quite a lot, and basically burned through this in the space of a weekend in between other things so that each storyline had time to sink in.

Friday night saw the debut of the sixth season of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and it’s left me pretty meh. The fourth season with its three distinct storylines/arcs is my favorite of the series as a whole but I liked the chances it took in the fifth season with it throwing the cast into the future and dealing with the Kree. That ended just as Thanos arrived in Infinity War and this season picks up a year afterward. I don’t expect much reference to anything from the films and just a focus on itself, but in moving forward it doesn’t feel like we have anything cohesive and tangible to grab onto. There are a number of storylines moving forward that are interesting but I’m hopeful that it will take advantage of being just thirteen episodes and really hit the ground running going forward.

The arrival of the fourth season of Lucifer had some mildly similar problems from the first two episodes I saw in that it moves the timeline forward a bit and there’s uncertainty caused by that as everyone is still reeling from the third season. The opening material is very solid and it finds its groove quickly, with each episode running about seven minutes longer than broadcast, and getting back into the procedural side a bit along with all the other character dynamic changes has me excited to see what’s to come next for it. The cast is just a delight and I can’t wait to see more while making sure I don’t just binge the hell out of it as I want to enjoy it bit by bit.

The week had a lot of its usual shows that deliver some good laughs for me on the sitcom side. The season finale for Modern Family clicked really well and I’m enjoying watching the final run of Big Bang Theory. The Goldbergs and Schooled wrapped up nicely and I’m looking for both of those coming back in the fall. The latest shows on The CW made for some good fun with Legends of Tomorrow giving us evil Ray while also seeing one of Constantine’s ancestors. I’m mostly just waiting for Arrow to end at this point as they strangely seem to have no ideas and wrote themselves into some seriously bad corners the last few years.

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