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Star Wars #65 Review

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Everything scales up in a bad way.

Everything scales up in a bad way.

Creative Staff:
Story: Kieron Gillen
Art: Angel Unzueta
Colors: Guru e-FX
Letters: VC’s Clayton Cowles

What They Say:
“THE SCOURGING OF SHU-TORUN” PART 4! Her planet under threat, a heroic princess battles to save it! Not Leia – it’s QUEEN TRIOS OF SHU-TORUN, ally to Darth Vader and the Empire! PRINCESS LEIA’S plan begins to unfold. But some members of her strike team have schemes of their own. When will Leia realize just what she’s set in motion?!

Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers):
As we inch closer to the end of Kieron Gillen’s run, this storyline builds in some pretty big ways – at least in regard to the tension. Gillen has put us in a place of wondering just how far it’ll go as the Star Wars storytelling universe has had a couple of worlds destroyed already, a couple in film and at least one that I know of from the novels. Will the comics add another, and does that diminish the impact of the event? This installment continues with Angel Unzueta handling the artwork and I’m hugely appreciative of this as they’ve got a great take on Sho-Torun and having the visual consistency of costume design and world design is great. There’s also a good flow to the action and I definitely appreciate the way they capture Han’s expressions as things go even further south here.

With the plan having gone live, Trios is in a position of doing her best to figure out what is that’s happening now that they’re trapped. She’s figured out that it’s Leia behind everything based on the comments she’s heard recently and that has her going all in on trying to save the world, no matter the cost to people or facilities. It’s engaging watching her in a full-command mode as she doesn’t take anything from anyone in the best of times and forcing a drill ship to go barrelling down to the royal retreat and crash through in order to take it back from the Rebels is exactly what you’d expect her to do. It’s force of will and intensity that definitely hits a sweet spot in showing how she operates and what the Rebels are up against. It sets the stage for an even more pitched battle in the remaining installments.

Playing against this are two other events that are going to reshape Leia’s plan in unexpected ways. The big one for me is that as Luke and Bethnic and his Partisans continue to work their side of the plan it becomes clear that Bethnic is going to Bethnic. He’s out for revenge and even though he promised otherwise his goal is to make another world end like the Empire ended Jedha, and it’s hard to not at least understand this. What we do get is that it puts him and Luke at odds, though Luke’s doing his best to not really try and take down his semi-comrades because he did get close to them overall since their first meeting on Jedha. Also set to make things problematic is that Kanchar has now learned from the elite Stormtrooper group stranded on Hubin as to what Leia’s up to. And while he’s on oversight duty elsewhere in the Mid Rim, he can’t let a key world like Shu-Torun to fail and that has him winging his way there in his Star Destroyer. It’s all going to come together in some potentially horrific blaze of glory.

In Summary:
This storyline continues to work well as I like seeing a proactive group of Rebels working to deal a strong blow against the Empire while handling all the ways it goes wrong along the way. Gillen’s story works across the main pieces well and everyone feels well-served with what they’re going through, though I think I like what Luke is dealing with the most because Bethnic just feels like he’s the engaging one to follow here. Each of the pieces builds the big picture well and it flows well and looks great throughout. I’m excited to see what’s coming next as we get closer to the end of Gillen’s run.

Grade: B+

Age Rating: All Ages
Released By: Marvel Comics via ComiXology
Release Date: May 1st, 2019
MSRP: $3.99

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