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New ‘Bakumatsu Crisis’ Anime Blu-ray CM Spot Arrives

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© FURYU / Bakumatsu Production Committee

The fall 2018 anime adaptation of the mobile game Renai Bakumatsu Kareshi: Toki no Kanata de Hanasaku Koi saw simulcast through Crunchyroll and was set for a second cour pretty quickly. The second cour got underway today under the name of Bakumatsu Crisis and the official channel dropped a new TV commercial spot that’s highlighting the upcoming DVD and Blu-ray releases in Japan. Crunchyroll is currently simulcasting the series with availability limited to the United States, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Central America, and South America.

Some of the staffing has changed for this season with Mitsutoshi Sato on board to direct it working with the team from before. The first cour of the show was directed by Masaki Watanabe with series composition by Masahiro Yokotani. Hidekazu Shimamura adapted the character designs by Natsuo while Studio Deen handled the animation production.

The Japanese cast includes Yūichi Nakamura as Takasugi Shinsaku, Takuya Eguchi as Katsura Kogorō, Shinichiro Miki as Sakamoto Ryōma, Yoshitsugu Matsuoka as Okada Izō, Toshiyuki Someya as Hijikata Toshizō, Takuya Satō as Kondō Isami, Tsubasa Yonaga as Okita Sōji, Keita Tada as Saitō Hajime, Tatsuhisa Suzuki as Tokugawa Shinobu, Taku Yashiro as Yamazaki Susumu, Shunsuke Takeuchi as the Emperor, Yoshiki Nakajima as Seimei, Hiroyuki Kinoshita as Mugensai, Fuyuka Ono, Kei Shindou as Kasumi, Nanami Yamashita as Hyō, Wataru Hatano as Yoshida Shōin, and Yumiri Hanamori as Mori Ranmaru.

The opening song is “Brave Rejection” by Hi!Superb and the ending theme song “Homura” by Zwei.

Check out the official site and Twitter.

Plot Concept: The chronometer is a legendary treasure that has the power to manipulate time. The Susanoo Incident unfolded in the capital of Kyoto and ended with the death of the masked shogun, Mugensai. Having finished visiting the grave of his former master, Yoshida Shoin, Takasugi Shinsaku and his partner, Katsura Kogoro, return to Kyoto once again. Suddenly, the earth trembles and the sky splits open, and the chronometer, which was supposed to have been destroyed, appears from a rift in space-time. Now with a will of its own, the chronometer starts going on an uncontrollable rampage!!

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