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Chi’s Sweet Adventure Season 2 Episode #19 Anime Review

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“Come-Come Feels Down”

“Come-Come Feels Down”

What They Say:
Chi is a sweet playful kitten, always full of energy. She gets milk from Yohei, and is relaxing at home, nice and full. As she searches around the house for something exciting, she comes across Yohei walking with a handful of rubber balls. The balls bounce everywhere as he drops them, and Yohei and Chi can’t get more excited. The day ends with Chi and the family making a great memory together.

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
I’m still feeling frustrated by the trip to Fluffyland the last time around as it just sucks all the energy out of the show for me. I know the kids enjoy it and that it’s a welcome diversion from some of the more serious things lately, but it’s just something that grates on me. Thankfully, the show has turned back to Come-Come and his journey as you know things are going to change for him along the way. He’s made such a home where he was, even if it was a box he was sleeping in, as the park and all those that he spent time with really do mean a lot to him. At this point, however, he’s still enamored by Diplo and that’s easy to understand why. He’s carved out an interesting life for himself and has guided Come-Come well. But there are moments where he wavers, such as when both of them are getting hungry and Diplo takes a wait and see approach that things will work themselves out. Not the best thing for cats on their own, but… well, let’s just say there’s always a woman will come by that loves cats and will help out with food.

That has Come-Come talking about his adventures with Chi some and over the course of the episode we get feelings and memories surfacing, especially since Diplo does inquire a bit about it all. We also get a bit more on Diplo when they come across a group of other cats at a watering hole and the leader, Boss, knows Diplo and talks about how rare it is for Diplo to be with anyone that he is looking for something. Traveling for a reason really isn’t a surprise. That has Come-Come being inquisitive about it and discovering that Diplo did live with humans, which sets him off after what happened with White-White. It’s a sad story of what happened to Diplo, similar to Come-Come in a way, and the way it’s voiced really adds to it very well and opens Come-Come up to trying to understand what “home” means.

In Summary:
We knew that Come-Come would get nostalgic at some point and that’s started here but it’s also coming with some struggles. It’s interesting to see him relate his story to Diplo after learning of Diplo’s past even as we know it because it has a little greater meaning after finding out what happened to one of his siblings and his own struggles. It opens a rift between the two that was expected as there are stark differences between the two and Come-Come’s rash actions continually land him in trouble – much like Diplo. But seeing things go as bad as they do for Diplo here is almost horrifying…

Grade: B

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