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toco toco Spotlights Mangaka Atsushi Kaneko

2 min read

Archipel has the latest toco toco special up where this one takes us on a thirty-minute look at manga creator Atsushi Kaneko. Kaneko’s works go back to 1998 with some of his first published material. He’s gone on to create an array of projects over the year from seinen to josei, supernatural to science fiction. His most recent work is the 2018 series Search and Destroy which is a loose adaptation of Dororo from Osamu Tezuka. That’s serialized in TezuComi with one volume out so far.

The special takes us to a few interesting places as we’re introduced to his life and work, such as Shimokitazawa Club Que, Shimokitazawa Area, Meguro River, Naka-Meguro Area, Red Shoes, Minami-Aoyama Area, and Katsu Shimokitazawa, Shimokitazawa Area/

“Atsushi Kaneko is a mangaka known for his work on Bambi, Soil, Wet Moon or Deathco. With a singular style rallying strong influences that range from punk rock and cinema to lowbrow art, Kaneko created his own universe, with themes including rage, loss of control and an adversity against the world. His passion for cinema also led him to direct “Mushi”, a segment part of the anthology film “Rampo Noir”, where he leveraged his past mangaka experience, which in turn influenced his manga career onwards.”

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