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Barbarella / Dejah Thoris #3 Review

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The mission becomes clear(ish).

The mission becomes clear(ish).

Creative Staff:
Story: Leah Williams
Art: German Garcia
Colors: Addison Duke
Letterer: Crank!

What They Say:
Barbarella and Dejah Thoris make their way across the vast, endless waters of the mysterious water planet they find themselves marooned on. But after encountering all manner of never-before-seen creatures, they find there’s not one but two dominant species here…and they’re at war! And if that isn’t enough to rattle our heroes, the discovery of just what planet they’re on surely will!

Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers):
With a bit of a gap between issues that definitely makes it hard to reconnect with the book, the latest issue gives us a lot to live even with the frustrations. Leah Williams story is one that I think will really connect well when read in full than with the gaps between installments. I love her dynamic between Barbarella and Dejah as it just hits a sweet spot where they’re both captured so well. I also continue to adore German Garcia’s work here as it’s just stunningly beautiful throughout with great layouts set for it. The character designs are almost intoxicating in how great they look and combined with Addison Duke’s color work they’re rich and alive in a beautiful way. I hope this book gets a glossy high-quality paper hardcover someday to really show it all off.

The first half of the book involves Dejah and Barbarella as they recover from their previous encounter and just try and grapple with the situation. The understanding of this world is definitely an interesting place to work with since it has a lot to offer but I really like seeing how Dejah keeps trying to prove herself in some ways while Barbarella tries to reassure her that she doesn’t view her in a poor light. The reality is that, as Barbarella points out, she exists in a place where all this knowledge is available to her and she’s able to break things down in a way that Dejah can’t because of that. Dejah’s attempts to prove herself have complicated things to be sure but Barbarella handles it all beautifully, including talking about her fascination with Barsoom and how a world like that exists. I also love that Barbarella makes it clear that most worlds like this one are easy to understand because they’re fairly common and dealt with.

The back half of the book has them dealing with the way the threats are starting pile up while trying to figure out how to get down below in order to move onto the next phase that Gitu has likely set for them. The working dynamic between the two women is fantastic and there’s so much implicit trust that it’s beautiful to watch. The action moves smoothly and just the expressiveness of stand and their faces are utterly delightful. But it also does take us further down below through a creative move on Dejah’s part and delivers them into a new phase of events. That it ties back to Gitu is no surprise but it’s an interesting version and one that offers up a different view of the world they’re on and what their real mission will be.

In Summary:
While the gap between issues is quite frustrating there’s just so much to love about the book that I want more and more. The visual aesthetic is admittedly a big draw for me but Williams brings in a lot of great material in here bringing these characters to life with personality. Garcia’s artwork is strong and the world design visuals are captivating. The story gives us a good twist toward the end that will definitely give us a new way of looking at what’s going on and providing some new challenges. There’s a lot to like in this book from start to finish and I’m super excited to see more soon of this pairing.

Grade: A-

Age Rating: 13+
Released By: Dynamite Entertainment
Release Date: May 1st, 2019
MSRP: $3.99

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