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My Hero Academia Season Three Part One UK Anime DVD Review

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The pretender to the shounen Jump throne continues on its way and continues to be entertaining in all forms.

The pretender to the shounen Jump throne continues on its way and continues to be entertaining in all forms.

What They Say:
Summer is here, and the heroes of Class 1-A and 1-B are in for the toughest training camp of their lives! Braving the elements in this secret location becomes the least of their worries when routine training turns into a critical struggle for survival.

The Review:

The sound quality has options of 5.1 English Dolby Surround and the Japanese a 2.0 Stereo option. There were no complications of the audio throughout the release and the 5.1 option definitely comes through well with no need to adjust default settings on the audio system I was using. There were no problems with the video synching in with subtitles as definitely acceptable as a DVD release.

Similar with the audio, the video is set in 16:9 – 1.78:1 aspect ratio via NTSC transfer to PAL format – with DVD releases nowadays the effect definitely seems more grainier compared to HD and with me doing a ton of Blu-ray reviews recently this is a good way to remind you how the times have changed. That said, the animation was good overall, minimal use of CGI compared to other shows (at least that I could notice) and with the high impact attack sequences the show does deliver quite well in the animation and visual department. The unique designs of many of the characters (who doesn’t love Asui a.k.a. Frog Girl?) helps it out as well as the show flows very well.

There was no packing for this test release.

The menu on both discs pretty basic – both have the same menu set up and images (a battle image of Midoriya, Bakugou, Iida and Todoroki) – the menu set up is on the right to the guys of Play All, Episode and Set Up on a teal like background, the menus and images are unremarkable and standard, menu is quick and does its job with no glitches and can quickly return back to the main menu when watching the series, just a bit dull considering how popular the show is.

There are no extras for this release.

My Hero Academia is pretty much the big series at the moment at least in terms of the newest big thing of the Shounen Jump line. Seemingly the successor in terms of popularity to Naruto, Dragonball and One Piece, it certainly has that appeal those series have which even myself I enjoy as a guilty pleasure (DBZ being a gateway series, One Piece being one I still enjoy and Naruto whilst a bit more meh towards has its moments and a great final movie…before Boruto started ^^) – My Hero Academia is definitely heading in that direction, mainly with a HUGE cast of characters which does give some time to all despite a focus on a certain number, this set hits a big reveal which almost certainly sets things up for the future.

Like the beginning of Season 2, Season 3 begins with a recap of season 2 – what is nice is that they literally give a very brief introduction of every character in Class 1-A in case you need to remember everyone, as well as what went happened in the tournament before cutting off to an episode which is funny and fillerish, as the two class perverts invite the innocent Deku/Midoriya to the pool as a ‘training exercise’ when in reality they want to ogle the girls at the pool…but Midoriya being who he is, just invited everyone else for a training session which thwarts their pains hilariously. Of course, the Midoriya/Bakugou rivalry is still there but whilst Bakugou is still hot-headed the two are much less antagonistic (Midoriya pretty much being friendly whilst Bakugou being a rival in his voice only ^^) as they prepare for a field trip which is going to be intense training.

Oh, and Midoriya/Uraraka are so pure as a couple of cute…I’m not a shipper by nature, but I just want them wrapped up in a blanket full of cute…

Class 1-A as well as 1-B travel to a mountain resort where they are trained by a group called the Pussycats, with the de factor story moment being a young boy named Kota who seemingly hates heroes. After some intense training (and another comic moment failing to peep at the girls in the onsen baths), we learn that Kota’s parents were killed in the line of duty meaning he feels what is the point of heroes…Midoriya definitely understands his plight but also wants him to realise what a hero is truly like…

His opportunity comes in a strange way. We learn earlier that the location of their training has been a secret outside of a few at the Academy via All Might as since the attack from Slain, they are under a bit more scrutiny. However, some villains do attack – splitting the members but Midoriya knows Kota is along in his secret hideout and he is attacked by one of them named Muscular – Midoriya goes to save him and in a brutal battle where (once again) Midoriya wrecks his body, he manages to defeat him using a million times power with his Detroit Smash attack which encourages Kota to look at heroes in a different way. However, a new problem comes as during the fight Midoriya learns that the villains are after Bakugou, which he manages to relay to the others via one of the trainers telepathy quirk abilities.

We get a number of team ups and battles (including 1-B members getting a moment in the spot-light taking out a poison gas quirk user in Tetsutetsu and Itsuka) but one of 1-A’s members Fumikag’s Dark Shadow quirk is out of country and despite him battered Midoriya manages to plan to get him in control – but the one really, and I mean REALLY memorable villains come on the girls side in the form of a battle with two of 1-A’s most memorable characters in Uraraka and everyone’s favourite frog girl Asui/Froppy in Himiko Toga. To say she makes an impression is an understatement…maybe as she’s the first prominent female villain?

Or that she is absolutely bat-something insane with a blood fetish who actually calls the two girls (and later Midoriya) friends just because of said fetish. She is crazy, don’t get me wrong, but this makes her incredibly memorable and you just know she is going to come back later on, especially as she has her eyes on Midoriya – but yet she is also smart making her even more dangerous, as when reinforcements comes, she flees. However, job is done, they manage to capture Bakugou and despite an ingenious way to save him (using Asui’s insanely strong frog tongue combined with Uraraka’s gravity quirk to launch the guys into the air where the villain Ingenous is escaping) Bakugou is captured leaving U.A. Academy in the news in the wrong ways – so class 1-A begin planning a way to save Bakugou…whilst All Might wonders if they have a spy in the midst…

It leads to both the Academy and members of 1-A to go and try and save Bakugou – 1-A’s disguise (helps by rich girl/total sweetheart Yaoyorozu getting her moment in the sun here) to get through without the villains knowing who they are is eventually interrupted when the big boss of the League of Villains comes out, and it isn’t who you expect after several scenes with Tomura in the bar, it is in fact the infamous All for One…which brings out All Might for a showdown of ultimate destiny…

…which is strange, as All For One seems to be on life support, and All Might told Midoriya previously his powers were much weaker now…and yet they still seem to defy all expectations as All For One destroys everyone that attacks him at first until All Might appears – considering All For One gave All Might the power limiter and All Might caused him to have that life support mask, it is rather fitting…

It leads to Bakugou basically being trying to be recruited by the villains; to he verbally flips them off, and All Might eventually releasing all his power to beat All For One despite All For One trying to psychologically destroy him by revealing some truths about the past. However, he has used up all his power and Midoriya realises it, and despite his mother being rather against it, thanks to a note from Kota and All Might saying he will be a teacher for him, it sets the next stage of the journey…despite All For One being revealed to be alive…

The story follows through the tournament arc which Midoriya didn’t come out on top but the rival did, yet it is clear Bakugou has a hidden heart of gold despite his early antagonism, and here he shows his loyalty combined with the fact he clearly still sees Midoriya as a rival. As always, with such a huge cast, it is hard for everyone to get their moment in (the recap episode helps to remind everyone of said cast) but the fact some of the characters got some moments in compared to previous episodes/seasons (Yaoyorozu being the one that springs to mind as the rich but sweet girl) makes it one that still works. Granted, you may still have to revert to your notes like me for everyone when looking through outside the main cast, but with her, Fumikag/Dark Shadow getting some licks in, some of 1-B also coming in and some new villains which made an impression (Toga in particular) – with the twist of All Might being all but retired and pretty much passing the buck over to Midoriya, it does make you wonder where this is all heading to as this arc appears to be done, but you know the League of Villains won’t be quiet for long…

Of course, the moments with the cast continue their lovability and whilst some are more annoying/less likable than others (like the two perverts in their swimming scheme, love how that was bust) and with fan favourite Todoroki a bit pushed to the side in this arc may disappoint people, the action and story is still going through speedily and developed. The mini arc with Kota reinforces that not everyone sees heroes as something special and can have bad feelings about it, and when things go wrong, the media is ready to swipe – almost echoing modern life – and the fact that Midoriya is able to show to Kota the truth worth of heroes comes back for him in the best way when his note convinces his mother for him to continue on his journey. All Might’s story also reinforces his character as part goof, part mentor and whilst his fighting days maybe(?) over, he definitely has a good cast of people to continue the story for him.

And I still say Uraraka/Midoriya is a blanket of cute.

My Hero Academia Season 3 continues on its shounen way, so if you’re not into that then it’s not exactly a big recommendation but as a fun show it’s definitely high up there. Good fight scenes, good development with the characters, interesting villains, and a style that am unsure if it is similar to a Naruto or a One Piece at the moment, a bit of a hybrid with the best bits of both. Whilst the huge cast means some do get left by the wayside, it does still lead to some big moments, fight and story-wise, and you can only wonder what is going to come from this. Definitely one of the better of the shounen series in recent years, and one I intend to continue watching/reading.

Content Grade: B+
Audio Grade: B+
Video Grade: B-
Packaging Grade: N/A
Menu Grade: B-
Extras Grade: N/A

Released By: Manga Entertainment UK
Release Date: May 13th, 2019
MSRP: £24.99
Running Time: 300 minutes
Video Encoding: PAL
Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1 Anamorphic Widescreen

Review Equipment:
PlayStation 4, Sony Bravia 32 Inc EX4 Television, Aiwa 2 Way Twin Duct Bass Reflex Speaker System.

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