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Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle Vol. #05 Manga Review

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Attack of the 100ft tall princess.
Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle Vol. #05

Attack of the 100ft tall princess.

Creative Staff
Story/Art: Kagiji Kumanomata
Translation: Tetsuichiro Miyaki
Adaptation: Annette Roman

What They Say
Princess Syalis comes to the surprising conclusion that being good will earn her a good night’s sleep! But none of the demons trust her sudden transformation. The princess’s latest dilemmas include a growing urge to use the bathroom when it’s out of order, her pet Eggplant Seal outgrowing her quarters, and growing into a giant instead of up. And then it’s time for the castle’s Hostage Reeducation Week… Plus, a visit to demon preschool!

Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers):
Hostage reeducation becomes the main subject of this volume as several attempts are made by the demons to get the princess to behave properly. They range from showing her how other hostages behave, to attempting to ignore her antics, to giving her homework to occupy her. The homework chapter is fascinating because they give her what amounts to an early elementary school kid’s assignments. Syalis blows through a month of assignments in a day and we actually get to see her in what I assume is normal attire and not a nightgown. At which point she wonders exactly how old the demons think she is. (Answer: At least as old as the hero.)

Speaking of the hero, it turns out Syalis doesn’t even remember his name. She recalls him and how he used to annoy her when they were kids, but doesn’t make the connection. The demons do though and realize that the hero Dawner is the betrothed of the princess, which puts a new spin on the situation.

The rest of the chapters follow the usual patterns of absurdity. One has Syalis accidentally becoming a giant, and another has Eggplant Seal growing up to become giant. There’s less-than-friendly teasing between Poseidon and Syalis, where the two managed to torment each other in an epic water fight. Throughout the volume, we get more instances where the demons are afraid to make Syalis feel bad and Syalis realizing she didn’t like to make the demons mad at her. She’s left wondering at the end of the volume why demons and humans are enemies. Perhaps this case of Stockholm/Lima syndrome is deeper than that. Maybe it’s actually an unintentional cultural exchange…

In Summary
Syalis has been a hostage for a year, and yet she still doesn’t act like one at all. The usual antics ensue as the Princess’s never-ending quest for the perfect night’s rest continues. However, the chapters are increasingly becoming less and less about sleep and more monster sitcom as time progresses. The sleep gags are still present, and most chapters still end with Syalis falling asleep, so if you’re hoping the story is suddenly going to shift in theme or tone you’re going to be disappointed. The two sides are becoming increasingly fond of each other and Syalis continues to take her life in the castle in stride. Although the demons are going to have to realize at some point Syalis isn’t a child and take that into account with how they treat her. I can foresee a future where everyone lives happily ever after, but the hero might be the big loser in the end. 

Content Grade: B
Art Grade: A –
Packaging Grade: B
Text/Translation Grade: A

Age Rating: Teen
Released By: Viz Media
Release Date: February 12, 2019
MSRP: $9.99 US / $12.99 CN / £6.99 UK

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