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New ‘Carol & Tuesday’ Anime Getting Manga

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Fifty years have passed since mankind began migrating to the new frontier: Mars.
BONES, Shinichiro Watanabe/Project CAROLE & TUESDAY

While we’ve got some time before we see the series that Shinichiro Watanabe is working on with Carol & Tuesday in North America thanks to it being a Netflix show getting a multilingual rollout later, some new pieces have surfaced for it. The original anime project is getting a manga adaptation from Morito Yamakata that will be in the May 2nd, 2019 installment of Young Ace magazine. Yamataka has two works under their belt so far with the four-volume 2016 property Kenki, Saku and a work in the 2017 Gal to Tsukiacchatta anthology book.

The show is set for an April 10th, 2019 premiere in Japan. Shinichiro Watanabe is supervising with Motonobu Hori directing based on the script by Aya Watanabe. Eisaku Kubonouchi is working on the character animation and concept and studio Bones is handling the animation production.

The project had done some global auditioning and that has resulted in two people being brought on with Nai Br.XX and Celeina Ann, who you can see below, handling the songs in the show as Carole and Tuesday respectively. Additional casting includes Miyuri Shimabukuro as Carole, Kana Ichinose as Tuesday, Sumire Uesaka as Angela, Akio Ohtsuka as Gus, Hiroshi Kamiya as Tao, Miyu Irino as Roddy, Mamoru Miyano as Ertegun, Maaya Sakamoto as Crystal, and Hiroki Yasumoto as Skip.

Check out the official site and Twitter.

Plot Concept: Fifty years have passed since mankind began migrating to the new frontier: Mars. It’s an age where most culture is produced by AI, and people are content to be passive consumers.

There’s a girl. Scrapping a living in the metropolis of Alba City, she’s working part-time while trying to become a musician. She’s always felt like something is missing. Her name is Carole.

There’s a girl. Born to a wealthy family in the provincial town of Herschel City, she dreams of becoming a musician, but nobody around her understands. She feels like the loneliest person in the world. Her name is Tuesday.

A chance meeting brings them together. They want to sing. They want to make music. Together, they feel like they just might have a chance. The two of them may only create a tiny wave. But that wave will eventually grow into something larger…

[Source: ANN]

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