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Top 20 Cutest Anime Girls of Winter 2019

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Hello, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome back to the greatest, most irrefutable countdown on the Internet.
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4) Chika Fujiwara

Anime: Kaguya-sama Love Is War!
CV: Konomi Kohara

When Chika friggin’ Fujiwara comes in fourth place, you know you’ve got a strong season. This famous rapper-turned-dancer captured all of our hearts with a very particular ending animation that I’m imaging we’ve all seen by now. Unfortunately, ever since then, she’s been slowly sloping into the backseat, using a good portion of her time to help build a particular character that we may or may not be speaking about momentarily. Either way, Chika’s dance, backed by pretty much everything else she has done in Kaguya-sama, has turned her into a bit of an icon. I would not hold it against anyone who counts her as best-girl of the season. Unfortunately, we just don’t get enough of her, and that’s why I couldn’t rank her higher than these next three girls.

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