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Top 20 Cutest Anime Girls of Winter 2019

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Hello, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome back to the greatest, most irrefutable countdown on the Internet.
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6) Miku Nakano

Anime: The Quintessential Quintuplets
CV: Miku Itou

I have learned today that pouty faces may, in fact, be the quickest way to my heart. Miku, who you may have also seen on social media as the near-irrefutable best quintuplet, carved her way into our hearts very early on in the season. Sure, she might get a bit more screen time than her sisters, but she’s constantly using that to her advantage and turning every moment we share with her into an almost painfully cute scenario. She’s got the looks, the attitude- Hell, she even falls into that category of “Coming to terms with her feelings,” that honestly just never gets old. And if all of that doesn’t sell you on Team Miku, she’s got the longest stockings as well. What is that but definitive evidence that Miku is best-girl?

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