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The Weekly Movies Discussion Post For March 17th, 2019

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The struggle to get in quality film time continues as the whole TV things really is soaking up most of my attention these days.

The struggle to get in quality film time continues as the whole TV things really is soaking up most of my attention these days. The big thing, in a way, for this past week was the new Avengers: Endgame trailer. I ended up watching it several times with different people as their first viewing of it and engaging in a lot of fun discussion about the possibilities from it, the quirks, throwing out some comic book-isms to those that don’t read, and sorta kinda messing with their minds a little bit in just how wonky it can all go. But the reality is that there’s a lot of anticipation for this but it’s going to materialize more strongly in the coming weeks ahead of its debut. Marvel was able to focus heavily on Captain Marvel without much Endgame promotion but they’re able to ride that into Endgame on top of the residual feelings and emotions from Infinity War. That’s not something you’ve really seen happen in film advertising or just the whole style of theatrical layout before.

While new films simply weren’t on my radar, I did dig into more of my catalog of films to background watch a few things that I haven’t seen in forever. That leads to fun stuff like 2000’s Pitch Black, which is still a solidly tight little film that delivers a very good experience. I also flipped gears and watched What Planet Are You From?, which is still one of the stranger SF movies with Garry Shandling that I’ve seen. I like what it’s trying to say but filtering it through the here and now would make for an interesting exposition.

I got a little John Waters time in as well with Pecker and part of me is both glad and sad that films like this are harder to make. It makes things like this a little more unique but they were more useful in how he was able to bring things to the film world that wasn’t largely seen before, but through this kind of quirky-comical lens that I’m not sure would be right at this point.

I’m still a huge fan of romantic comedies and dramas and revisited When Harry Met Sally as well. I totally get the disgust by some at the film but I love the magical fairy tale aspect of it in some ways but there are so many others where, again, through modern sensibilities and experiences you can come away feeling very creeped out by a lot of things across the board. I do miss seeing Billy Crystal in a lot of stuff and this reinforces why Meg Ryan was so popular at the time.

At this point, my upcoming theatrical film viewing schedule is weak for awhile. I’m excited for Us but there’s no way I could see that in the theater. Beyond that, April is quiet with Shazam! kicking things off and probably Hellboy since I’m a sucker for the character and that second trailer upped my interest. But April is very light in anticipation of Endgame which makes me wary of May either being just as quiet or too packed like last year was.

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