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New ‘Cheer Boys!!’ Live-Action Film Trailer Arrives

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With an anime adaptation behind it already, the live-action film for Cheer Danshi!! is set for a May 10th, 2019 debut in Japan. The official site has now brought out the first trailer for it which gives us a really good look at the project. It’s directed by Hiroki Kazama based on the screenplay by Yuichi Toyone. The Japanese cast includes:

  • Ryusei Yokohama – Haruki Bando
  • Masaki Nakao – Kazuma Hashimoto
  • Toshiki Seto – Sho Tokugawa
  • Shogo Iwaya – Gen Hasegawa
  • Ken Sugawara – Soichiro Suzuki
  • Daichi Kodaira – Koji Tono
  • Kodai Asaka – Wataru Mizoguchi
  • Kurumi Shimizu – Haruko Bando
  • Erika Karata – Sakura Takagi
  • Chihiro Yamamoto – Kokubo
  • Ayumi Ito – Satsuki Takagi

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The work comes from the novel of the same name by Ryou Asai which had a manga adaptation by Ayaka Matsumoto, resulting in four volumes worth of material. The animation adaptation was directed by Ai Yoshimura based on the series composition from Reiko Yoshida. Hiroyuki Asada was on board with the original character designs while Hitomi Tsuruta served as the character designer and chief animation director for Brain’s Base.

Plot concept: Haruki Bandou was born into a family of Judo martial artists and expected to continue the family legacy. But he’s about to trade Judo for…cheerleading?! When his childhood friend Kazuma Hashimoto invites him to join the BREAKERS, a male cheerleading club, Haru finds himself amongst a quirky group of boys. Can this squad of slightly odd and cute members make a breakthrough in college athletics?

[Source: ANN]

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