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Chi’s Sweet Adventure Season 2 Episode #10 Anime Review

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Trip to Fluffyland Level 2

Trip to Fluffyland Level 2

What They Say:
Chi is a sweet playful kitten, always full of energy. She gets milk from Yohei, and is relaxing at home, nice and full. As she searches around the house for something exciting, she comes across Yohei walking with a handful of rubber balls. The balls bounce everywhere as he drops them, and Yohei and Chi can’t get more excited. The day ends with Chi and the family making a great memory together.

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
Oh did I struggle with the previous episode with the “level 1” we had of Fluffyland. While there are certainly some silly moments to it, it was an episode made up of fanciful flights and little else that was grounded in reality. Yes, we watch a show about cats and focus on reality. But the show has set some solid ground rules to it since the beginning with only the late night party cats piece really taking us out of the show to something unreal. You do have allowances when it comes to kids shows but things like that and this storyline just do nothing for me and really breaks the rhythm and flow of it all to a point where I just don’t like it.

This strange world that the four cats followed down the hole, chasing after flying fish, continues its nighttime weirdness. They’re exploring the place and the things that are there, such as the lights that appear and the fish that come flying out of it, much to the kittens’ surprise. That’s a lot of simplicity to it all as they’re so easily distracted as the episode goes on, such as with the stars shining and one falling out of the sky to turn into a fish. Having the stars turn into a school of fish is definitely amusing, especially since it takes on the shape of a fish. But it’s all just nonsense as we watch the kinds deal with it and as it turns a bit more serious. Come-Come comes across well throughout this as he’s a bit more serious and street-aware, making him come across as the leader here, which makes sense compared to the more housebound among them.

In Summary:
This episode, like the previous one, was a chore to get through. It just doesn’t do anything interesting or adds anything new to the four main cats that we follow here. It has its fun moments with them chasing the flying fish and all but after two episodes of it even that gets boring. Thankfully, it’s back to something that the show does right with the next episode instead of more of this, which felt like a bad videogame piece.

Grade: C

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