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New Manga This Week

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The end of the month is here when it comes to the manga and light novel realm and though it’s a small week there’s some good stuff. Of particular interest to many will be the debut of the Kaiji manga from Denpa as that series gets underway. They’re also rolling out the second volume of Inside Mari today! Seven Seas also has a great one-off book with the debut of Now Loading…! from Mikanuji.

While Vertical gives us the Koimonogatari novel and Masquerade and the Nameless Women debut, the rest of the slate is made up of ongoings.

Arakawa Under the Bridge Manga Volume 5
Captain Harlock The Classic Collection Manga Volume 3 (Hardcover)
Grand Blue Dreaming Manga Volume 4
Hollow Fields Manga Volume 3 (Color)
Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka Manga Volume 5
Now Loading…! Manga
The Seven Deadly Sins Manga Volume 30
The Voynich Hotel Manga Volume 3
Ultra Kaiju Humanization Project Manga Volume 2
Wandering Island Manga Volume 2
Koimonogatari Novel
Masquerade and the Nameless Women Novel
Gambling Apocalypse Kaiji Manga Volume 1
Inside Mari Manga Volume 2
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