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Funimation Highlights Newly Released ‘Death Note’ Live-Action Films

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Funimation’s got some live-action goodness that landed today with a pair of Blu-ray releases from the Death Note franchise. The distributor has the first two films together in a collected edition with a digital copy priced at $34.98 while DEATH NOTE: Light up the NEW world- gets its own release but is also subtitled-only whereas the double movie set has the first two movies in bilingual form.

Check out the trailers released today for each of the films to showcase their stories.

Movie 1/2: The Death Note, a mysterious notebook that allows the owner to write the name of anyone and thus…kill them. When law student Light Yagami becomes the newest owner, he finds himself with the power of god and calls himself Kira. To stop his reign, the police bring in a special agent—the eccentric yet brilliant L. Can this genius detective connect the dots between Light and Kira?

Light up the NEW world: Delighted by the reign of Kira ten years prior, the God of Death orders his reapers to find a replacement. When six Death Notes are placed on Earth—who will be worthy to take the place of Light Yagami and become the new Kira? With the help of L’s successor, the police begin their fight to stop this new reign of murder and find that the light of justice won’t die so easily.

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