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Bermuda Triangle ~ Colorful Pastrale Episode #01 Anime Review

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Mermaid girls? Sold!

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Mermaid girls? Sold!

What They Say:
Life in Parrel isn’t always eating cake and making friends, there is much to learn and explore, but what happens when the girls discover a hidden treasure?

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
When it comes to original anime series there’s always a base level of interest simply because it’s not beholden to the manga adapted structure and style. Colorful Pastrale as an original work from Seven Arcs Pictures in collaboration with Bushiroad, which made me curious to see it. I’ve only really dealt with Bushiroad through their Cardfight!! Vanguard franchise so I wanted to see what else that they were capable of being involved in. Plus, this has a good pedigree to it with Junji Nishimura directing it and having Michiko Yokote on board for the series composition. It’s a solid pairing that had me extra interested in seeing what they’ve produced in this environment.

Taking place under the sea, we’re introduced to the ocean nation of Magallanica where there’s a really beautiful and vibrant place of idols, people, and civilization. That’s just to tantalize us with though as the show wants to focus elsewhere with Parrel, an outlying part of this ocean nation. It’s a beautiful little village full of color for the area it’s in and you can understand the appeal of such a place – and the draw of a big capital style city. It’s here that we meet our core group of familiar teenage girls with Cora, Fina, Serena, and Sonata as they talk about cakes and which ones to get. It’s simple but clues us into their personalities easily enough. They also get to spend a little time with the village chief, Ardi, who has a bit of a job for them to undertake. That has them helping the postal carrier with a large package for the chief but also delivering a few pieces of mail for him as well since he’s running late. It’s a nice bit that exposes us to more characters and more of Parrel itself, which is definitely appealing.

What sets things into full motion here is when Sonata returns to the meeting place and the large package that was left has opened to reveal a glowing crystal ball inside it with a young woman inside. It’s beginning to shatter and that gets everyone excited and concerned since what the girl inside is going through is something of a rarity. She was sent here to live for a while to try and help with the stress that’s put her this way, though the whole thing is kind of unnerving. With her name revealed as Canon, we get an almost amusing birthing sequence that has the younger mermaid connecting with Sonata pretty closely from the outset. And Sonata takes to her in a protective way as well, as later on that day she discovers Canon snuck out and is frustrated by how little there is in Parrel. Coming from somewhere lively to here will definitely do that, especially since signals from the big city are pretty weak.

The girls do try to make Canon feel at home and shows off more of it to her, but it’s hard to make a big sell on a small place and with simple foods that don’t compare to what she was used to. But Canon opens herself up to this – at least in the food department – and really gets into some aspects of it. There’s a lot of cuteness and lightness to all of this but we do get a darker moment with a Grand Tide coming through, pushing the water hard and fast with a lot of sand and dust in it. It’s a brief but dangerous event, haunting with its sound to be sure. But what the event revealed through breaking away some coral is a really beautiful building set back in the village, one that turns out to be a theater/concert hall of some sort that looks like a planetarium. The tease of a small bit of a movie playing is interesting as it has idol elements to it and you can see how it may draw the girls in with inspiration and more.

In Summary:
Colorful Pastrale is a very slow paced show that doesn’t provide a big hook in making it clear where it wants to go. You can figure out the basics easily enough and we get a decent selection of familiar character types to follow with it. There’s appeal in the designs and the whole mermaid aspect of it as well so it’s not hard to enjoy watching it play out as a kind of odd slice of life piece to some degree. I really liked the backgrounds for it and the character designs but I was frustrated with how Canon was introduced and just the weirdness of this place being hidden even though it’s smack dab in the middle of the village just behind some coral.

Grade: B-

Streamed By: HIDIVE

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