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The Weekly TV Discussion Post For January 6th, 2019

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The New Year does mark the start of a lot of shows coming back and we even had things like The Gifted out on New Year’s Day – though that return made me realize that I am very much done with the show as it’s just not working for me and I’m barely paying attention. What I did pay attention to was a quick burn through the first season of Pine Gap on Netflix. The Australian series was very poorly received in its home country this past fall but it seems like it clicked really well with Netflix audiences as it delved into a series of mysteries, world tension, and personal lives in the spy agency data center. It’s something that you take with a grain of salt to be sure but playing some of it against real-world geopolitics of today made for some really great moments.

This week didn’t have much new else that I’m watching but I got to enjoy a new Big Bang Theory episode where it feels like they’re almost trying to spinoff a comic book store series that would cause a lot of comic book fans’ heads to explode. I also enjoyed Young Sheldon since it focused a bit less on him and more on George and his quest to date that’s not going well. The show has definitely improved a lot over those early episodes and while I don’t find it necessary by any means it’s an enjoyable show that almost feels like a throwback.

I finally got around to watching the HBO version of Farenheit 451 from last year and it just left me utterly empty. I never cared much for the original film but this one just didn’t feel like it did the right kind of job in explaining a lot of things that would be important to how the world works but also the importance of everything.

On the HGTV side of things, I did like the new installment of Property Brothers but also really enjoyed the Windy City Rehab series that kicked off.

I ended up revisiting Derry Girls again already with a second viewing because the show absolutely delighted me. I also worked through the ninth season of Friends where I still wish the whole Joey and Rachel thing worked better and that Aisha Tyler as Charlie had lasted longer and more meaningfully with Ross.

This coming week has a lot of shows coming back that I’m excited for, especially the second season of I’m Sorry and the latest season of Brooklyn 99 as it changes networks.

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