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The Weekly Movies Discussion Post For January 6th, 2019

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The new year is underway in regards to movies and while I didn’t make it out to the theater to catch anything there were a lot of other things that I got to take in. It’s definitely been quiet while waiting for some of the Oscar bait/buzz films to start making their way out to more locations so I opted to work through a few pickups I had over the last few months. Combine that with nothing hitting on sale through iTunes and it worked out well while doing New Year cleaning.

On the first-time viewing side, I finally got to watch The Spy Who Dumped Me. I liked all the actors involved and I went in with low expectations as I just wanted some laughs and silliness. It’s not quite the blunt piece that Spy was or anything but it had a lot of fun. It was light and silly in all the right ways with amusing jokes that carried through and some goofy characters that made it easy to enjoy watching dealing with situations like this. Plus, more Justin Theroux is always a good thing.

I also got to check out I Feel Pretty, which was savaged before its release and in a lot of the initial reviews. It’s a film that I think definitely depends on how you view/interpret what it’s trying to do and how you’ll feel about it. I liked a lot of it because confidence can go a hell of a long way when you get down to it and watching that play out, even “misguided” in how she gained her confidence, and it was delightful there. It does have a lot of the usual cliches of a film like this does in the rom-com genre but I’m a weird sucker for Amy Schumer movies like this as I enjoyed projects like Trainwreck a lot and keep hoping she’ll manage another of those.

Similar to my revisit of To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, the other film this past year that just made me feel very good inside was Love, Simon. I had a New Year’s Eve need to watch something that made me feel this way and the film most definitely delivered again.

On the backlist side while doing other things, I had a fun run through Honeymoon in Vegas as it was just a hoot to see James Caan having so much fun and a young Nicholas Cage doing a Flying Elvis skydiving bit.

I also got a bit “serious” with To Die For which was inspired by a true story that was from my area. I’ve long loved Nicole Kidman and she was just fantastic in this, especially under Gus Van Sant’s direction.

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