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Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle Vol. #04 Manga Review

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Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle Vol. #04

The revenge of the ghost shrouds.

Creative Staff
Story/Art: Kagiji Kumanomata
Translation: Tetsuichiro Miyaki
Adaptation: Annette Roman

What They Say
Valentine’s Day arrives and Princess Syalis is hard put to get the haul of chocolate she’s accustomed to receiving back home in her kingdom. Her latest plots to get a better night’s rest include learning to hibernate, becoming a ghost and getting an annoying earworm out of her head. And how can she put a stop to the Teddy Demons summoning her every time they get into a kerfuffle…?

Then the princess gets kidnapped from her kidnappers!

Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers):
For a manga as episodic as Sleepy Princess is, this volume manages to ramp up the world building and reminds us that time is passing in the demon world. Spring has arrived, and with it Valentine’s Day and allergies. By my reckoning, Saylis has been a hostage of the demons for almost a year. During that time she has managed to make finding a way to get a good night’s sleep her only priority to the point where it’s her driving reason for being.

It was time for a shake-up, and the quests Saylis finds herself on this time around range from trying to acquire chocolate to allergy medicine to becoming combat back-up for the teddy demons. The biggest change is the introduction of Hades, one of the ten guardian demons who refuses to recognize Twilight as the Demon King. He kidnaps Saylis and brings her to the former demon castle, determined to defeat the hero and take the title of demon king form himself. 

That sets off a multipart story in which we see his failure to realize the princess is uncontainable and a mischief maker of the highest order. His obliviousness to her antics and the frantic mission by the rest of the demons to ‘rescue’ Saylis is a comedy of errors. (Especially once she gains the ability to go back and visit the other castle at any time she’d like.) Saylis comes out on top of the situation, gaining herself a mentor and the perfect sleep teacher in Hypnos. 

Saylis has walked a fine line between sadistic and clueless, and we never know exactly what’s going on in her head even though we can usually hear her thoughts. She is a genuine genius when it comes to crafts and construction used to make her creature comforts. With several of the chapters of this volume we see her selfish streak momentarily broken, as she realizes the other demons might not actually like her. Likewise, the demons start to realize that they might actually care about the princess. Except for the ghost shrouds, who manage to find a moment to fight back against their tormentor. This is a welcome change in the characters, however small it may be.

A surprising development ends this volume as the hero uses a magic spell to create a small portal to reach the Princess. It’s not enough to rescue her, not yet, but the fact that it didn’t end in total failure makes for an interesting hook for the next volume. 

There’s a couple of short extra comics which closes out this volume, one of which is a crossover with Komi Can’t Communicate, which has been recently licensed by Viz. Due to not really knowing the character of Komi it just comes across as an oddity. 

In Summary
This volume of Sleepy Princess actually starts to show some character growth for Saylis and her captors. She finally starts to realize that the demons might actually have feelings and may, shockingly, realized she might be taking their courtesy for granted. Plus, she even finds a sleep mentor in Hypnos! As for the demons, they might be developing Lima Syndrome as they continue to go to great lengths to protect and care for their hostage. Not that Saylis has become a perfect angel, she’s still a devious schemer and a brat and if her behavior annoys you it will, but her small amount of comeuppance and growth is welcome.

Content Grade: B +
Art Grade: A –
Packaging Grade: B
Text/Translation Grade: A

Age Rating: Teen
Released By: Viz Media
Release Date: December 11, 2018
MSRP: $9.99 US / $12.99 CN / £6.99 UK

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