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Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? On the Side: Sword Oratoria Vol. 07 Light Novel Review

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You never know what you can do … until you are tested by unforeseen challenges.

Creative Staff:
Original Story: Fujino Omori
Illustrations By: Kiyotaka Haimura
Character Design: Suzuhito Yasuda
Translation: Andrew Gaippe

What They Say:
“Farewell, Loki Familia … and sweet dreams.”

Back from Port Meren and armed with new information, Loki Familia launches an investigation into the mysterious Daedalus Street. Once they’ve learned all they can, they plunge into the labyrinth of Knossos with the intent of weeding out the remnants of the Evils. But the dark maze is more hostile than ever, and they must contend with a cursed family, a deep-seated grudge, the last of the Evils’ gods, and a certain redheaded woman, all in their most dangerous expedition yet!

Content (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers):
It took barely any time before the main expeditionary force had come back from Port Meren before they read the news: the one person everyone within Loki Familia had an involuntary admiration for, Bell Cranel, had just been announced reaching Level 3 … within one month. This was all anyone could talk about around the dinner table of Twilight Manor, even the elites and their red headed goddess were impressed, and yet there was still one prominent bit of information from their recent adventure which took precedence – they had learned the Evils’ Remnants had been nurturing something foul within the Dungeon, just like the Corrupted Spirit they encountered on the fifty-ninth level. These abominations were released within the maze beneath Orario and some had escaped into the inland sea of the port, and yet there was also one other place they had also emerged, a secondary entrance to the Dungeon which everyone else had overlooked, Daedalus Street.

This architectural nightmare within the southeastern section of the city was reserved for the poor, thieves and scoundrels and even those familias who were in dire straits avoided settling within this confusing maze. The insanity of its namesake creator was readily apparent with even a cursory glance of the area: streets which lead to dead ends, stairs ascending between buildings but led to nowhere and crumbling facades of buildings that matched the overall state of disrepair for the location. However within all of this chaos, it was also the one place no one would expect to hide an obvious entry into the Dungeon, and this was where Loki took her familia to search early the next morning, with a glaring exception as to who accompanied her – it was only Aiz and the female members of the group. While no one would dare question the wisdom of their goddess, they all knew of her perverted side and for any chance she would take to be alone with her girls, she took it. However as the day dragged on and the sun fell deeper past the horizon, it soon became clear there was nothing to be found, even as Dionysus himself attracted the attention of his fellow divine investigator, volunteering the aid of his bodyguard Filvis to help in the hunt.

But as the girls gossiped as to their crushes within and without their prospective familias to consume boredom, the men of Loki Familia found themselves within the other area which deigned recognition, but still required a thorough inspection – the sewerways. Although Bete and Loki had explored a portion of these underground passages when they were looking for clues prior and encountered Violas during Monsterphilia, no one saw any reason to return to these fetid tunnels, and yet now they have no other choice. However as Finn and his grumbling followers tromp through dark passageways, all as the animal people of the group twist their noses in foul disgust, they know their mischievous goddess had ulterior motives, but they can say nothing as to voice their distaste. It is not until they reach the iron gate which signals this previous conflict does a certain werewolf notice a familiar scent, that of those same abominations and leads the way to a hidden stairway, barely visible in the dim light. Delving deeper into the ebony void they follow an alluring smell, allowing hand hewn stone corridors to guide the way until they reach a massive portal out of place within this stinking maze – it is an orichalcum door studded with red gemstones, signalling they have found their quarry, but also alerting them the hunt has only begun.

After sending word to the women of Loki Familia, the group returned to this place the next morning, with a sting of failure still fresh on their minds. But as their goddess raves about the extravagance of this massive door and it being out of place within the Dungeon aside from a needing to hide a secret, she cannot but echo what everyone else is thinking – this has to be a trap; and as if to confirm this suspicion, the forboding portal creaks open allowing the dim light from above to pierce the darkness, but not without alerting Finn to something ominous lurking within the ebon beyond, a man dressed in a deep purple robe and masked face, almost as if enticing them into the void. As the group then continues to bicker as to the obvious implications of not moving forward or staying in place, it is the high elf Riveria who breaks the stalemate and contends they must enter the puzzle laid out before them – for if they do nothing the remnants of the Evils’ will still unleash their plan to release the monsters they are breeding, all in an effort to control what they lost so long ago.

Even as Finn’s thumb continues to throb in its impending sense of danger, Bete in characteristic callous fashion elects to leave the dead weight behind, blatantly pointing out they will only get in the way if and when this adventure goes sideways. It is only the Amazon twins’ verbal lashing at his insulting remarks which cause him to falter, strikingly reminding this poor excuse for a werewolf they are all of the same familia, and if they had no supporters to help in the upcoming battles, what good would be he alone? However most surprisingly arising from this argument is Lefiya who stands out by stating she will accompany the advance group, all in an effort to protect her friends and Aiz, but while Thousand Elf makes her proclamation, it was Filvis herself who boldly states she would tag along as protector, even if she was from another familia. But as the expedition comes into shape, it was decided Riveria and other healers would stay behind to protect the rear and become reinforcements in case and when this trip collapsed around them as they all knew it would. And yet as they stepped into the darkness, none would know this may be the last time they see daylight ever again.

In Summary:

As we recover from the bombshells Omori-sensei gave us with the last book, who would have guessed he could create such a moving story with the follow up and expand on the relationship of Loki Familia? We have always known this group is unique in the manner by which a certain red headed goddess favors her female members, but to see the how individuals stand out in a crisis is what makes this franchise admirable by its own accord. And while Aiz and the Amazon sisters have been the centerpiece of previous stories, this volume allows side characters to become the focus and show they are just as important in holding this disparate band together as much so, or even more when the Elites cannot help their subordinates. To see Lefiya become ever more determined as to catching up with the Sword Princess and the Little Rookie is expected, but to watch the leader of the supporters Raul, someone who has always been there but never allowed to shine is wondrous by its own ambitions; we have known this human has been essential in the background, with Finn relying on him and his reserved attitude to being a dependable backbone for guiding those under his command, and yet he has never been allowed to be out in front – until now. To watch this boy become a leader is stunning since he never stood out, but now that he has been allowed to shine, hopefully this character will come out on his own and not become stagnated after this singular moment.

And yet even with this amazing showing by the secondary cast, the point of this volume is the suffocating revelation of how even after the past pettiness of gods has been shown in all of its nauseating moments as with Apollo and Ishtar, there are still some who go to great lengths to subdue their boredom, even with the sacrifice of their own Children. While we have known the selfishness of deities have had their reasons, even when twisted, this showing by Thanatos – who in Greek myth is the personification of Death, is by far the most callous in displaying a twisted logic which makes sense by his own cruel methodology. It is fitting to have him be a silent partner to the resurrection of the Evils’ schemes, but at the same time, it is surprising to think he does not have some hidden agenda which coincides with something much deeper within the grander scheme of things.

Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? On the Side: Sword Oratoria has become ever grander in exposing the truth behind what is happening within Orario, but when we think things have come to a head, Omori-sensei gives the story another twist to show the conflict is only adding to a larger picture. And yet it is these unexpected surprises which allow such intense satisfaction when the reader unfolds the adventure, only to be faced by a newer one with the turning of the page. While you may be unsure as to certain the facts without knowledge linked to the primary series, it does not mean you cannot enjoy a thrilling story encase within a mystery which is yet to be revealed.

Content Grade: A-
Art Grade: A-
Packaging Grade: A+
Text/Translation Grade: A+

Age Rating: 13 & Up
Released By: Yen Press
Release Date: October 30, 2018
MSRP: $14.00

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