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Very! Very! Sweet Vol. #08 Manga Review

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Will Tsuyoshi ever return to Korea, and will Be-Ri figure out her feelings in time to help her friend? Plus as an added bonus, kittens!

Creative Staff
Writer/Artist: JiSang Shin and Geo

What They Say
Luckily, Be-Ri’s timely discovery of the forgotten Doki saves the cat’s life. But while Doki is well on his way to a full recovery, his master back in Japan is struggling with losing his grandfather and having to rethink his identity. With only snatches of news from Erica’s brother, the uncertainty about Tsuyoshi’s condition weighs heavily on Be-Ri’s mind and heart.

Given the physical distance between them, Be-Ri will have to take decisive action if she wants to help her friend. Is she ready to make a bold move in the name of love? There’s no turning back in the final volume of Very! Very! Sweet!

The Review!

Tsuyoshi’s cat Doki has been taken to the animal hospital, but despite the days alone he’ll survive. Erica gets Tsuyoshi on the phone with Be-Ri, and Be-Ri tries to make him promise to come back to Korea if she takes care of Doki. Tsuyoshi only says that he misses her.
Be-Ri becomes upset with her sister that she broke up with Oppa, but isn’t even involved with Ito. Her sister sister explains that she couldn’t stay with Oppa with someone else in her heart, but she also doesn’t need to choose that other man just because he’s there. Be-Ri also worries over Mi-Hyuk, who she never really loved, and if she can end this relationship kindly. But Erica takes care of that, tricking Mi-Hyuk into confessing his true feelings – for her, not Be-Ri!
And relationships alter for Gyu-nang, when Be-Ri walks in on her cat in a compromising position with Tsuyoshi’s Doki. With neither animal fixed Be-Ri is inevitably left with a pregnant cat and eventually kittens to care for. And still Tsuyoshi won’t come back to Korea.
Even in the light of everyone’s relationships changing, Be-Ri still fails to notice why her own life feels so empty and dull. Erica prods her to really think about it, and in a shock Be-Ri realizes she doesn’t want Tsuyoshi to come back for his cat – she wants him to come back. Now that she’s finally figured it out, Erica tells Be-Ri that since his grandfather’s death Tsuyoshi has become a shut in. It’s clear now that Tsuyoshi won’t be coming back to Korea, so instead Be-Ri decides to go to Japan.
The manhwa’s conclusion comes on quickly as Be-Ri gets to Tsuyoshi’s house and confesses her feelings. And when he plays a trick on her we know that he’s doing all right. Tsuyoshi still has questions he wanted to ask his grandfather before he died, and so he wants to stay in Japan to figure out who he is, and what kind of man he will be. But even though they’ll be in di
In Summary:
The final volume of Very! Very! Sweet brings a number of changes in relationships, as characters discover who they really love, and who they may have never loved at all. JiSang Shin and Geo could have easily paired everyone off at the end, and for the most part they do – with Be-Ri and Tsuyoshi, Erica and Mi-Hyuk, and even the two cats. But Be-Ri’s sister leaves her old boyfriend Oppa, and still doesn’t go into the arms of __ as Be-Ri, and the readers, might have expected. Even Tsuyoshi and Be-Ri’s relationship doesn’t conclude neatly, as they’ll both be living separate, in their own country. They make it seem like it’s going to be far easier than it really would be, but it’s nice to see a teenage relationship where one person won’t automatically give up their way of life for the other.
Be-Ri also spends quite a bit of time wrapped in the melodrama of things. She worries over Tsuyoshi and her feelings for him, but makes no action until the very last chapter of the book. This gives this volume a more relaxed feeling than previous books, and so there’s not as much punch when Be-Ri finally confesses her feelings. But because the big confession comes in the final chapter, it means we only deal with a few pages of denouement, so the manhwa comes to a swift end that doesn’t drag too long.
Very! Very! Sweet has a subdued end, but it’s still a sweet, heartwarming tale of young love that is a treat to read through.

Content Grade: B+
Art Grade: B+
Packaging Grade: A-
Text/Translation Grade: A-

Age Rating: 13+
Released By: Yen Press
Release Date: November 30th, 2010
MSRP: $10.99

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