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Very! Very! Sweet Vol. #07 Manga Review

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Tsuyoshi has some heavy emotional baggage that he might not be able to handle. Can Be-Ri help him, or is it too much?

Creative Staff
Writer/Artist: JiSang Shin and Geo

What They Say
Tsuyoshi wanders the streets, still reeling after learning the truth of his past and the cruelty that ripped his true family apart. Unwilling to return home and face his uncle and grandfather, Tsuyoshi asks to stay with Be-Ri for the night. But Erica and Mi-Hyuk are not about to leave the two of them alone in an empty house, and Be-Ri is soon made the unwilling host of an impromptu slumber party. It’s no surprise when Tsuyoshi is the first to fall asleep, but when the time comes to rouse him, Tsuyoshi remains unconscious…

The Review!

After Tsuyoshi learns the truth of his mother, Be-Ri finds him wandering the streets at night. Without meaning to she helps the struggling boy figure out that he just wants to let out his emotions. Unwilling to return to his uncle and grandfather, he convinces Be-Ri to let him stay in her house – with Erica and Mi-Hyuk to supervise, of course. The fourseome falls asleep in the yard, but when it’s time to go inside Tsuyoshi won’t get up, and Erica and Be-Ri are terrified to find he’s as cold as ice.
Tsuyoshi’s uncle and grandfather soon show up, and it’s discovered that a sudden drop in body temperature is a regular occurance for the boy. Keeping it a secret, Tsuyoshi had discovered that the quickest cure was to hold another warm body. But the woman Tsuyoshi had been told was his mother never held him in that way, and he was left to suffer alone.
This admission makes sense of many of Tsuyoshi’s personal problems, but it also gives us a revelation about Erica. Even with all that’s gone on, she’s always believed she occupied a special spot in Tsuyoshi’s heart. But now she knows of the condition and his need for human warmth, and it hurts all the more that he never reached out to hold her at night.
Meanwhile, Be-Ri’s sister, Gyu-Ri, talks with her ex-boyfriend Oppa about whether or not he’ll choose to leave Korea and move to Japan with his father. Gyu-Ri is concerned for him because he’ll be leaving behind the girl she knows he loves – Be-Ri. As dramatic as this moment is, it happens at an awkward time as we’re anxious to check back in with Tsuyoshi and Be-Ri. The scene acts like a filler for the chapter, ending in a few quick pages, and we’re not even allowed to see the conversation’s resolution. The manhwa jumps right back into Be-Ri and Tsuyoshi, and it’s easy to forget that Oppa even made an appearance in this volume.
Tsuyoshi and Ito are still reeling from the last news when a new tragedy hits, taking away someone who, just before, they wouldn’t have been sure they’d miss. They’re forced to race back to Japan, with no time to tell anyone, not even Erica or Be-Ri, what’s going on. Be-Ri tries to figure out where they went while Tsuyoshi sorts through his feelings at this sudden loss, when they both come to an awful realization: in the rush to leave Korea, Tsuyoshi’s cat Doki has been left behind!
In Summary
Be-Ri takes a step back from the action as the manhwa focuses on Tsuyoshi’s mounting problems. But she’s not just a passive observer, helping Tsuyoshi through her to-the-point comments and even just by standing beside him. Be-Ri may carry some stereotypes (i.e. quick temper, cluelessness) but she proves herself to be a strong character that the others are able to rely on.
The main characters are hit with one thing after another in this volume of the manhwa. Some events make you sigh with their predictability, like the sudden tragedy at the end. But Very! Very! Sweet doesn’t get too soap opera-y, and none of the emotions feel overwrought. And besides, with this being the penultimate volume of a romantic drama, you have to expect the author to pile on the crises to get you excited for the finale. Very! Very! Sweet manages to do that as we gear up to see how the relationship between Tsuyoshi and Be-Ri will pan out, how Tsuyoshi will choose to deal with his problems – and most important, what will happen to the cat!

Content Grade: A-
Art Grade: B+
Packaging Grade: A-
Text/Translation Grade: A-

Age Rating: 13+
Released By: Yen Press
Release Date: June 30th, 2010
MSRP: $10.99

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