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‘Robot Girls NEO’ Anime Series Blu-ray Scheduled

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With some fun and successful material with Robot Girls Z out there, Toei and Dynamic Planning brought back more of this property with a new series called Robot Girls NEO last summer. The show made its debut on Animax on PlayStation. Toei is handling the home video release and they’ve set a March 6th, 2019 debut for it as a Blu-ray only release. It’s priced at 4,800 yen for the 40-minute running time for the three episodes. It’ll include a booklet, the announcement video, and additional video material to be revealed.

The series had Poeyama directing based on the scripts by Kazuho Hyodo. It’ll be done as two episodes that are seven minutes each when they arrive.

The Japanese cast includes:

  • Hina Kino as Z-chan (based on Mazinger Z)
  • Ami Hagihara as Gre-chan (based on Great Mazinger)
  • Mikako Izawa as Gren-chan (based on Grendizer)

Check out the official site and Twitter.

Plot Concept: The show is set in a ruined future Nerima, where a photon energy disaster is said to have devastated the area. No one knows whether that is true or not, and details are hard to come by. All that is left is the photon research facility tower that stands as a monument at the center of the devastation. Z-chan and Gre-chan live together in the Shutter District, which spreads from the base of the tower. Their home is made from salvaged materials that they have named Photon House. The advanced photon energy that flowed through the place is now gone, and the world is now ruled by the Getter Rays that rain down from space. But even now, Z-chan and Gre-chan use the highly efficient photon energy to power their home.

[Source: Robot Girls Z]

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