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The Weekly TV Discussion Post For December 16th, 2018

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As we get closer to the holidays we get more shows dropping off and that means less to watch.

Yeah, right.

With a lot of things sitting in most of our queues on places like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon, there’s always something to catch up on that you’ve held off with. While I might have done that going into the holiday, my actual intent is to work through this week with a new show that landed this past Friday with the third season of Travelers. I adored the first two seasons and the third season has been high on my anticipation list, burning through two quickly on release day with as limited time as I have. I love the series with its approach to going back in time and trying to fix things so that the future isn’t as bleak as it has turned out to be. It works some great twists and turns and has a fantastic cast. Netflix worked with Showcase on the first two seasons before taking on the third itself.

This week was also a huge one where I caught up on four episodes of Riverdale and just adore and love its absurdity in how it handles everything, especially the episode where the kids played the parents in the flashback.

I also managed to burn through five backlogged Flash episodes and that made it so that I could jump into the Elseworlds crossover since I was also caught up on Arrow. The three episode event was just an absolute delight from start to finish with so many references and the nod toward next year with Crisis on Infinite Earths. I’m curious to see how they’ll orchestrate that within the confines of the TV side of things but I’m definitely excited for the potential as these projects on The CW have been great. And while I know this was serving as an introduction for Batwoman, like others I think it made a far better case for a Superman series with Lois Lane. I want more of all of that in the inspirational tone of Supergirl.

This week’s  Legends of Tomorrow was, once again, just an absolute blast. I loves it sooooo much.

The sitcoms were decent this week as we caught up mostly on the ABC side of things with The Goldbergs and Modern Family along with a few other things.

I’ve also taken advantage of some shows being off the air already to dig into more Parts Unknown, which this week had me watching about Kenya, Asturias in Spain, and Indonesia. The first two were a lot more interesting than the third but that partially came from not having Bourdain as involved in that one as the other two.

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