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The Weekly Movies Discussion Post For December 16th, 2018

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really wanted to like Roma. The film had gotten a lot of buzz since it made its festival premieres previously and with Alfonso Cuarón writing, directing, editing, and handling the cinematography for it plus it being semi-autobiographical, I was definitely intrigued. While part of me does wonder if it in theaters would have been a different experience for me, I struggled with it while watching it at home. I loved the way it was film and how the camera work unfolded but I found myself just unable to really connect with the tale that was being told. Some of it is likely just too much of a disconnect from the time and events to be able to really get into it but I liked the characters and wanted to know. There was just some kind of disconnect that didn’t work for me and I really just hate that.

I did make it to the theater for one film this weekend with Mortal Engines. I’m intending to see Into the Spider-Verse during the week ahead of Aquaman next weekend.

Sadly, I had no movie pickups this week as things were just too damn quiet when it comes to what’s on sale, which is disappointing.

I did spend some time watching things on the backlist, though. I took in a new viewing of Secretary and that film just delights me to no end. I also enjoyed revisiting The Truman Show and would love to see that explored as something deeper and richer in serialized form as there’s a lot of things that could be done in the modern sense for it. It made me miss a lot of the early Andrew Niccol written films as his later work just hasn’t been as interesting for me.

A lot of this week has been mostly just background TV noise as opposed to films, unfortunately. After finishing off a couple of movie series recently that’s no a surprise. This week I’m likely to start a revisit on the Resident Evil film series in the background though.


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