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Joel McHale Boards ‘Stargirl’ As Starman

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Progress continues for the Stargirl series for the DC Universe service as casting for the project is moving forward. With the lead set previously, we now get into more of the cast and Joel McHale has boarded the project as Sylvester Pemberton, who was Star-Spangled Kid from the golden age period but looks to be called Starman here. It’s set for a recurring role where he’s described as “[a] courageous and confident superhero, Starman is a member of the Justice Society of America. He wields a mysterious anti-gravity weapon called the cosmic staff and has a longtime sidekick named Stripesy, who is better known as Courtney Whitmore’s stepfather, Pat Dugan.”

The cast includes Brec Bassinger as Courtney Whitmore, Yvette Monreal, and Christopher James Baker.

The character was the first one that Geoff Johns created upon joining DC Comics back in 1999 and he’ll be writing for the series and serving as an executive producer along with Greg Berlanti and working with Sarah Schechter. The series is set for a 2019 debut with a thirteen episode run planned. This isn’t using the Stargirl that we saw in the Legends of Tomorrow series during its trip to the 1940’s, however, as it’s focusing on the teenaged Courtney Whitmore that Johns created.

“Obviously, Stargirl was first character I created for DC,” Johns told Deadline back in July. “Most important, Courtney Whitmore was inspired by my sister who passed away,” he added. “To have an opportunity to tell a story celebrating this superhero was literally the first thing I wanted to do because it is so personal to me. Also, a character that speaks to being young, to a legacy and to pushing forward seems so important to me nowadays.”

Plot Concept: Courtney Whitmore’s smooth-going high school experience is derailed when her mother marries and moves the household from Los Angeles to bucolic Blue Valley in distant Nebraska. Struggling to adapt, Courtney discovers her stepfather has a secret past as a superhero sidekick. She also discovers an artifact of immense power, a long-lost hero’s cosmic staff, and Courtney becomes the unlikely inspiration for an entirely new generation of superheroes.

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