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Crunchyroll Adds Dubbed ‘Space Patrol Luluco’ Anime Streaming

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Crunchyroll is continuing to add dubs for their shows that were previously on the Funimation site and one more that’s found its way there is for the Space Patrol Luluco series. Crunchyroll previous streamed the simulcast of the show and now the dub for it is available alongside that, giving fans the chance to check out both versions of the property.

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The series has Christopher Bevins serving as the ADR director working from the scripts by John Burgmeier. The English cast includes Brittney Karbowski as Luluco, Justin Briner as Nova, Jamie Marchi as Midori, Brett Weaver as Keiji, Monica Rial as Lalaco Godspeed, Bob Carter as Overjustice, and Mike McFarland as Judgment Gun.

The anime series is directed by Hiroyuki Imaishi. Imaishi is overseeing the scripts while Akira Amemiya is serving as the second director while character designs are being handled by Mago and Yusuke Yoshigaki. Yoshigaki and Shuhei Handa serving as the chief animation directors.

The Japanese cast includes M.A.O as Luluco, Junya Enoki as ΑΩ Nova, Mayumi Shintani as Midori, Tetsu Inada as Over Justice’s general manager, and Mitsuo Iwata as Keiji/

Plot Concept: Luluco is a normal junior high school girl whose father is a detective at the space patrol. One day, she visits the Ogikubo branch of the space patrol to save her father who is suddenly frozen. But she happens to be assigned as a space patrol by the chief director Overjustice. Wearing a space patrol suit with strange functions, will she able to save her father and keep the peace of Ogikubo from space criminals? And will she fulfill her life as a junior high school student, including love and study?

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