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Latest toco toco Interviews Animator Koji Yamamura

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The folks at toco toco have put together a new interview piece that is, once again, just fantastic to engage with. The newest interview piece is with animator Koji Yamamura where we get a good sense of the man, the way he works, the world he lives in, and some gorgeous cinematography that brings it to life. It comes in at about twenty minutes and gives us a look at a lot of his work but it’s far more than just that.

“Koji Yamamura is an independent animator known for his short films such as Mount Head, A Country’s Doctor or more recently Muybridge’s Strings.

After visiting his atelier, we will follow Yamamura in the Jiyugaoka area, where he set his atelier and opened the Au Praxinoscope store, which aspires to diffuse independent animation culture and sells DVDs, books and illustrations.

As a professor at Tokyo Arts University, Koji Yamamura was a founding member of the animation department where he supports post-graduate students in the creation of their worlds.”

Check our look at the Franz Kafka’s “A Country Doctor” work.

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