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‘Orange’ Anime Gets Dubbed Crunchyroll Distribution

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Crunchyroll has another dub of one of their shows that was previously streamed on just Funimation’s site with Orange now making its way over after the partnership on that front ended. The series now joins the previously simulcast Japanese language version there and complements it by giving fans more choice on what to watch and how to watch it.

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Orange was directed by Hiroshi Hamasaki based on the screenplay from Yuuko Kakihara. Nobuteru Yuuki served as the character designs and it was animated by TMS Entertainment and Telecom Animation Film.

The Japanese cast includes Kana Hanazawa as Naho Takamiya, Natsumi Takamori as Azusa Murasaka, Rika Kinugawa as Takako Chino, Seiichirou Yamashita as Kakeru Naruse, Makoto Furukawa as Hiroto Suwa and Kazuyuki Okitsu as Saku Hagita.

The English dub set Jerry Jewell as the ADR director based on the scripts from Jamie Marchi. The main cast includes Sarah Wiedenheft as Azusa, Jeannie Tirado as Takako, Jason Liebrecht as Suwa, Dave Trosko as Hagita, Micah Solusod as Kakeru, Jill Harris as Naho, Caitlin Glass as Mother, Sonny Strait as Father, and Jeremy Inman as Teacher.

The opening theme song is from Yuu Takakashi with “Hikari no Hahen” while the ending is from Kobukuro with “Mirai.”

The manga has been released in North America by Seven Seas Entertainment.

Plot Concept: During the spring of her second year of high school, Naho receives a letter. Its sender is herself from ten years in the future. Naho thinks it’s a prank at first, but when the things written in the letter start to come true one by one, she realizes that the letter is telling her of events that will happen in her future. It tells her that she’ll fall in love with Kakeru, a new student who transfers to her school… and that he’ll die in the winter of his 17th year. After learning the regrets and wishes of the 26-year-old Naho following Kakeru’s death, what can the 16-year-old Naho do differently?

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