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‘The Morose Mononokean’ Gets Dubbed Crunchyroll Anime Distribution

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(C)Kiri Wazawa/SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD.

Crunchyroll has added another dub series to their slate thanks to the way the partnership with Funimation has shaken out as The Morose Mononokean is now available on the service. With the simulcast previously streamed there, the dub now complements it so fans can check out both or dub fans can get a bit more use out of the service.

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The first series had Akira Iwanaga directing based on the series composition by Takao Yoshioka. Pierrot Plus produced the animation for it.

The Japanese cast includes Yuki Kaji as Hanae Ashiya, Tomoaki Maeno as Haruitsuki Abeno, Ayahi Takagaki as Zenko Fujiwara, Ikue Ootani as Yahiko, Yoko Hikasa as Koura, Chinami Hashimoto as Shizuku, Junichi Suwabe as Rippou, Fumihiko Tachiki as Boss Gigigi, Kazuya Ichijo as Mitsuchigura, Masaki Terasoma as Manjirou, Kishou Taniyama as Joumatsu, Saori Oonishi as Anmo Hime, Nobuo Tobita as Nobou, Tomomichi Nishimura as Okina and Kotono Mitsuishi as Tomori.

The English language dub was directed by Tyler Walker and starred Aaron Dismuke as Hanae Ashiya, Jason Liebrecht as Haruitsuki Abeno, Anthony Bowling as Jomatsu, Brittany Lauda as Yahiko Dani Chambers as Zenko Fujiwara, Heather Walker as Anmo-Hime and Tomori, Janelle Lutz as Kora, Kenny Green as Okinagami, Randy Pearlman as Mitsuchigura, and Sarah Wiedenheft as Shizuki.

The opening theme song comes from The Super Ball with “Tomodachi Meter” while Tomoaki Maeno and Yuuki Kaji will be performing the ending theme song for it with “Tobira no Muko” in-character.

The original series comes from Kiri Wazawa which began back in 2013. The manga has been getting a simulpub from Crunchyroll since last summer as The Morose Mononokean.

Check out the official site and Twitter.

Plot concept: Ashiya has spent the first seven days of high school stuck in the infirmary because of a youkai attaching itself to him. He ends up asking the owner of a small tea room called the “Mononokean” for help. This is a tale involving the very morose owner of Mononokean guiding the youkai that happened to wander into this world go to the next world.

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