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Multiple Projects Announced For ‘Gundam’ 40th-Anniversary

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© Sotsu/Sunrise

The 40th-anniversary plans that Sunrise has for the Gundam franchise is going to keep fans busy for quite some time with an interesting range of projects in the works. The series is one that has really done well over the decades even with the ups and downs it has had.

First, the Gundam: Origin series that was done as a six-episode OVA release that wrapped up this year is being re-edited into a TV series that’s no surprise. It’s planned for a spring 2019 debut that will be spread over thirteen episodes.

Second, the SD Gundam world is getting a new series for a big worldwide release sometime in 2019.

The Gundam Build series is one that may not work for some hardcore fans but definitely has an expanding audience and appeals to younger viewers and modelers and is going to get another run. With the original series spawning the Try series and then this years Divers series, a fourth series is now in the works.

And from previous works it should be no surprise that the Gundam Reconguista in G property is getting a compilation film in 2019. These aren’t heavy lift projects and can shine a light on some that may not get as much attention as others and a compilation film can sometimes streamline a series in a way that it really needs.

We’re also getting a new film trilogy with Hathaway’s Flash, which will be based on the novel that Yoshiyuki Tomino put out back in the late 80’s as it focuses on more of the UC timeline similar to Gundam Narrative.

Additionally, there’s some sort of crossover project called BEYOND in the works. It’s had the visual below showcased with the First Gundam with Unicorn, Iron-Blooded Orphans with Gundam 00, Reconguista in G with The Origin, and Zeta Gundam with Gundam Wing.

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