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‘Black Lagoon’ Manga Return Scheduled

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We learned back in August that the Black Lagoon manga from Rei Hiroe was going into hiatus mode for a bit as he was working on something else for awhile. With the 11th volume of the Black Lagoon manga out this week, however, the magazine it runs in has revealed that he’s going to resume the series spring 2019. Interestingly, he’s also launching a new project at the same time with the tentatively titled 341 Sentodan series in Monthly Shonen Sunday magazine.

Hiroe’s last hiatus was quite the long one that ran for almost three years starting in 2014. Viz Media releases the series in North America with ten volumes out.

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Plot Concept: Rokuro was an ordinary Japanese businessman. A suit hired to entertain corporate high rollers and serve as a whipping boy for the big bosses with the real juice. A mission to deliver a mysterious disk to the deadly waters East of China seemed like his big break, but some things just weren’t meant to be. A ruthless gang of mercenaries fronted by a gunslinging femme fatale in scandalously short shorts kidnapped Rokuro and held him for ransom. When his company refused to pay, he became their property. To survive, he was forced to reinvent himself as Rock, the brains behind the beauty and brawn of Black Lagoon: the most cutthroat crew of mercs ever to hustle the mean streets of Roanapur. A nightmare of a metropolis where the bad guys are really bad – and your friends might be even worse.

[Source: ANN]

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