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Third ‘Seven Senses of the Re’Union’ Anime DVD-R/BD-R Release Artwork Arrives

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The upcoming summer anime adaptation of Noritake Tao’s light novel property Seven Senses of the Re’Union is getting its home video release done as a release through Amazon with DVD-R and BD-R on-demand runs. The third set is coming up in about two weeks on November 26th, 2018 and now that cover has arrived for it, showing off a good run and design so far. The twelve episode series is getting a four-volume run with the first volume arriving back on September 24th, 2018. The DVD-r’s are priced at 6,777 yen each while the BD-R’s are priced at 7,777 yen each.

Yoshito Nishioji served as the director working from the series compositions by Takao Yoshioka. Yumiko Yamamoto worked on the character designs and served as the chief animation director with studio Lerche handling the animation production.

The previously announced Japanese cast includes Kengo Takanashi as Haruto Amō, Nichika Omori as Asahi Kuga, Akari Kitō as Satsuki Usui, Kaito Ishikawa as Takanori Mikado, Takuma Terashima as Clive Vivali, Yumiri Hanamori as Nozomi Kusaka, and Chika Anzai as Elicia.

The series kicked off in August 2015 and has six volumes in print.

Check out the official site and Twitter.

Plot Concept: In the popular MMORPG world ‘Union’ there existed a legendary party. Its name was Subaru. This party, made up of a group of childhood friends and elementary schoolers, exceeded the limits of the game with their various senses. However, due to an incident which resulted in a death, ‘Union’ ended its service and the group of childhood friends went separate ways… 6 years later, highschooler Haruto logged into the new ‘Reunion’ and reunited with a single girl. Asahi—one of old ‘Subaru’ party members, and his childhood friend who should have died 6 years ago. Is she a digital ghost, or…?

Volume Date Extras
1 09/24/18 Original Soundtrack, Audio Commentary
2 10/29/18
3 11/26/18
4 12/24/18
Seven Senses of the Re’Union Japanese Volume 3 Cover
Seven Senses of the Re’Union Japanese Volume 2 Cover
Seven Senses of the Re’Union Japanese Volume 1 Cover

[Source: Seven Senses of the Re’Union]

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