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‘Dr. Stone’ Manga Teases Announcement

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Viz Media has been running the Dr. Stone manga series from Riichiro Inagaki and Boichi since it premiered last year and it’s done well enough that it was going to make the leap to print compiled form this year. That may have been a good clue as to how things are going in Japan as well as the latest Weekly Shonen Jump has a blurb in it that the property will have an important announcement with next week’s issue as it prepares for a new arc. More often than not, these important announcements end up being about an anime adaptation and it has seven volumes in print so far with one more coming out this week, so there’s a decent bit of material to work with. And, while it could just be due diligence, a site has been registered.

Check out our review of the first volume.

The first volume landed on September 4th, 2018 and the publisher has now put out a promotional video for the manga as well as offering up the first chapter for free viewing here.

Plot Concept: The series tells the story of Taiju, who wakes up hundreds of years after all of humanity was turned to stone. A gloomy Taiju has no idea what to do, until he finds his science-loving friend Senku. The two decide to jump-start civilization again – by harnessing the power of science to de-petrify humanity.

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