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The Weekly TV Discussion Post For November 11th, 2018

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As we barrel through the fall season I’m already getting a bit excited for the holiday break that’s coming in order to pause on a few shows and catch up on some binge-worthy series that I’ve got stacking up and am eager to get to. I’ve actually been working to keep my Netflix queue somewhat more manageable by not adding things knowing that I would likely never get to them. It’s a little frustrating but in this age of riches when it comes to great series, one must not overindulge.

One area where I did step to the side and binge a bit is with the Titans series on the DC Universe service. I had seen the first episode upon launch but worked through three episodes with my youngest this weekend and still have one more to go. I get the complaints that people have in terms of character and unveiling things but it’s an easily accessible show that’s revealing itself at its own pace and nobody in my household is having an issue with it. I’m loving what it’s doing and already want a Hawk and Dove spinoff, especially since the actor for Hawk felt unlike just about every other TV male hero at this point with his physicality. And Dawn… damn that was spot on perfect casting and hair. I’ve loved the pair since the old Rob Liefeld issues ages ago and seeing them here just knocked my socks off.

But what blew me away was the Doom Patrol episode. I had gotten into that group just before the original Grant Morrison run and then became one of my of the cult of the group in promoting it at the time and ever since. While we do have some casting changes when the full series arrives later, notably with Timothy Dalton taking over as the Chief, what we got here was fantastic. I was the most worried over how Cliff would be done as a practical effect but they nailed it combined with the surreal aspect of Brendan Fraser providing the voice. Now I just want to see Crazy Jane and more and what they’ll be doing with them. Hells, folks, they actually mentioned Danny the Street!

I did spend a decent part of the past week keeping up on most things. I enjoyed the final Rick episode of The Walking Dead and am excited for both the films and the TV series as each must chart some new courses. I’m continuing to enjoy Arrow but really feel that it has to start feeling like there are some wins going on here so move it forward. And my usual comedies make up much of the rest of the week for some lightness, such as a very fun Big Bang Theory and Modern Family. I’ve also spent some time working through more NOVA episodes which included a two-hour piece on black holes that I could listen to being talked about for ages as well as a piece on more understanding of Stonehenge with modern scientific explorations going on.

I did hit up some TV on the home video side with the start of Batman: The Animated Series. I’m intending to go slowly and savor this over the next year with episodes here and there but it was just an absolute delight to get into it again since it’s been far, far, too long. You can follow my progress here.

This coming week is just as busy but I’m hopeful to nail down a few more CW shows and get a little more Sabrina in the mix.

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