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The Weekly Movies Discussion Post For November 11th, 2018

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While I’m still riding a good high after seeing Bohemian Rhapsody last week I was unable to turn that into more moviegoing this past week simply because so much scheduling is keeping me from heading out at night or on the weekends for things. Which is a bit frustrating as there’s a lot I want to see since Overlord came out this weekend and that works some angles I really want to see as well as The Girl in the Spider’s Web as I want to see if they can pull off the continuation after so many years.

And I’m a sucker for The Grinch and want to see how Illumination is going to handle it.

Even on the home front I’ve not been able to dig into much as a straight sit down and watch new, but I’ve had some fun background movies in the mix. That included revisiting Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy as well as Hitch for two films that are definitely different. I also took a spin back to the 90’s with Guinevere while also taking a new turn with the original Matrix film for a bit of action fun while avoiding my usual playlists of Marvel or Star Wars films.

I only had one iTunes pickup formally this week as I had my preorder for Lez Bomb come in since it was a $7 price, which was the same as seeing it in theater. A film like this isn’t likely to get wide distribution but I am an absolute sucker for romantic comedies and even though there’s a huge built in predictability with it this just looked absolutely delightful.

I also saw that MoviesAnywhere is doing a one-year celebration where if you link some additional accounts you get a few free movies. That netted me The Martian, which I saw in theaters and loved, and Happy Feet, which my kids loved. It also had the Fate of the Furious film included which I haven’t seen since the theater but am looking forward to checking out. Free movies are good!

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